Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day!!!

It is Friday and the weather was gorgeous all day but now the rains are moving back in. I had numerous visitors today and Sally came in with an artist's tale of Valor. She was photographing railroad tracks of some historical significance and was approached by a Homeland Security Patrol man who had already run the plates on her car and questioned her to get pertinent information for why she was trespassing on private property. She explained she was an artist and was just documenting the track designs. An artist in pursuit of her Vision! She was allowed to keep her images and quickly left the scene of the"crime" of questionable journey to capture her moment in time. There is never a dull moment in an artist's life :O}!

I had lunch with Chris Lang and she is heading down to North Carolina with family and will see Gwynne Rukenbrod and her husband Matt in Ashville. She was preparing for her upcoming exhibit at the Argyle Gallery. I am really excited for her because her fiber works have grown and developed so far in a good direction and it is exciting to see the layers of her pieces. Sondra Gartner stopped by as I was working on another layer of the commission and we shared the newest photographs she is collecting...a series of manhole covers and their intricate designs and textures. She is still not sure when the exhibit will be opening but this is a new approach and inspirations for her camera's eye. We talked a bit about Zentangles and the movement documented in a copyright book. My grand daughter has used this motivation in her art classes in the 5Th grade classes and when these are installed as a group exhibit. I disclosed that when using materials that are printed with a copyright you need to ask and require a permission before you use this in any way or format. When we take from one artist...we take from all; maybe we need to realize the power of ownership and the rights of an artist. I think ...before I make copies of someones work unless I have permission or will use it in my journal as a focus point to reference.

Tonight is pizza night and I am ready for bed. Enjoy my photos and the remnants of my busy day .... I hope you have had a joyful day! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Again, I love your blog and all the beautiful designs and photographs! Sorry to hear you have been ill, and hope you are all well again now.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  2. What a lovely family you have, Mary Helen! That's some story about your friend being apprehended by Homeland Sec. Just read in this mornings paper, some Somalian smuggled a group of East African terrorists in Mexico up to Texas...they have no idea where these men are now, but do have the Somalian smuggler...very scary stuff and they're after an artist...oh pleezzz!!

    Have a great creative weekend and enjoy the weather...getting a bit warm here now and time for the air conditioner to be turned on...the only advantage to having a rather warm house is that my gesso and paint dry instantly after application!! LOL


  3. Train tracks, private property, you know I guess I never thought of it as that. Oh, we walked our dogs down the train tracks, I ran miles down train tracks in my younger more active days. And, now I could see photographing them, too. Good reminder that they do belong to somebody else and aren't my private tracks.
    Zentangles, on my, here's another issue for me.
    We called them scribbles or doodles and did them all over the paper covers of our books in school. We filled in the sections, some looked like Celtic designs. They aren't unique to this particular artist that went out and had a book published.
    I have a problem with giving something a new name and then saying it has a copyright. Oh my.... I know what you are saying about taking from artists and one another. I just have this little issue about Zentangles. lol :)Bea

  4. I have received several great emails about copyright materials the the beat goes on. We all need to question our own motives....I have saved a photograph before with no plans to ever publish it or use it in my works. Thank you all for your input. Have a great weekend! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart