Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday and a quiet workday.....

Gone is the warmth of the beautiful sunshine from yesterday and now we are being kissed by the gentle raindrops caressing my budding cherry tree and the daffodils outside my door. I went in and settled in aft6er a quick lunch of the Grills Deli pulled pork on a fresh baked egg bun. I began working on a collaged vintage laces onto watercolor paper to be used later as a background to sew and embellish with a transferred photograph. I added several textures together and a splash of handmade red papers onto my hand carved print from Saturday. The I moved gently into my "Leave you Fears at the door" canvas...I need to brighten up the context letters of my message and add another layer of sheer colors on the previous layers and glazes. Finally I added further sheer papers to my Paris transfers onto the Mona Lisa collaboration with Michelle for her daughter's bedroom. I made a quick trip to the St. Vincent's thrift store and discovered a Chico's silk and line blouse with all the original sales tags on it ($68.00) and I got it for $6.00!!! I also found a vintage sheer apron that I will add my photographs and laces to tell a story ...continuing my Women's Work exhibit. I stopped by Tina's to check in with the girls and see how Ryan's father was doing after his heart attack last Friday and went to the gas station. I have a 14 year old GEO with an 8 gallon tank and today I filled it with 8 gallons for almost $28.00. What is the world coming to??? I know the worst is yet to come but this is a an ever growing or gas??? Oh well I am grateful for this day of working in my studio! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. Be sure to check out "Every Inchie Monday" to enjoy the inchies dedicated to "Peace".


  1. Ooooh! look at all the papers! Wow. What a great buy. Ugh! The price of gas is atrocious.

    Thank you for pledging to help Bella and me with the Japan Earthquake Pacific Tsunami relief effort. We request that the donation be made directly to the American red Cross Japan Earthquake relief and you may just send us a copy of the $25 invoice.

  2. Beautiful post. So much to see here, always and I love the way you write. Pen x

  3. Hi Mary Helen, wonderful, wonderful layering here on all these pieces. Gas is going up and so is food, because of the trucking needed to get it here. Going to be hard on everyome. One day at a time and think about our neighbors. Time for those victory gsrdens again.....xox Corrine

  4. Love your inchie! Boy you packed a lot of goodie in it! And Ya gotta love that great $6.00 bargain!