Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tea for Tuesday was a green iced tea....the sun came out

Today I had several wonderful visitors in the studio...Vicki, Eleanor, Mike...just to mention a few. I worked on my travel journal for Judy to take to China with the Chamber of Commerce tour coming up very soon. I totally stamped, played with watercolors, added cutouts ...and tomorrow I will be able to add some inspirational travel words. I know I would have had a good time if I was healthier but having a good friend go is almost as good as going!

I worked on my collage...Leave the FEAR at the door...with another layer of papers and colors. I am enjoying music from the 1960's in the background but where the heck was I in the 1970's... half way through the CD I realize I did not know most of the musicians. Brain fog? Brain Damage? Who knows...but listening to music from a specific decade surely does sprout memories long lost and forgotten. I have some stencils I want to incorporate ...or maybe I will use Stazon inks with letter stamps... I will experiment first to see how successful the two images will be.

Our family is in turmoil...Tina had a root canal today, Erin's three little ones have had a stomach flu and her washing machine decided to die and ken had an extra long teacher's meeting after school so we decided to runaway and have dinner at Ruby Tuesdays...two dinners for $20.00. I came home in time to get two loads of laundry done and prepared for a very busy day tomorrow.
In the morning I will volunteer for a local blood drive at the Midland Theater for a couple hours...then I am off to the studio to meet Michelle so she can work on a commission and at 5:30 it is Family night for Arts and Crafts with the Deli. Then at 6:30 I am off to the church for a contemporary musical presentation of the Way of the Cross Passion. Now that is a full day to say the least...whew . I will return home and fall into bed! Ciao Bella! Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Hey Seth...I found an interesting wall in Newark...not exactly graffiti but interesting :O}


  1. You certainly manage to get a lot accomplished! Finally we have some sun here today too.

  2. I *LUV* that wall!!!
    omg.....what a beautiful accident, the stucco falling away are revealing all the color, texture and lettering underneath! (and haven't you just LOVED the wall photos Seth has posted? Dang...)
    Okay, I'm off for a lazy day; need energy for the Doc tomorrow.
    No work, all play today, or rest.
    You know the routine.


  3. I'm so sorry your family is getting a lot of rain in life right now! These photos are so full of color and joy, though!!!! Breath that in!

  4. Wasn't Seth's post great, That wall is cool, a shame they had to cover up that wonderful brick. You are back to your busy schedule as usual, no stopping you. The collage process is interesting to watch. xox Corrine