Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday is for resting...and a bit of laundry between naps....

Unfortunately I did not get out of the house today but rested a bit more between loads of laundry and chicken and noodles from Lee's Chicken. Jenny made these noodles once a week when she worked at the deli now when I have a bowl I remember her warm smile and a gentle heart. This woman was a friend to all and always worked hard to make her guests feel at home. I am thankful Jenny you were in my life and will live in in my heart every time I enjoy your noodles.

I am working slowly on my Inchie for tomorrow...I have to get a few more steps together but I have sorted through my personal inventory of beads is amazing how easily I can forget the joys of my collections. I worked on some collage backgrounds on Saturday so I will continue tomorrow as I prepare for the Hindi translations. I seem to be rambling now so I will get back to work The taxes have been put into order and will be delivered tomorrow so that is off the table for things to do... Being responsible is difficult drudgery some times.

Have a blessed evening and go CREATE a treasure. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Ben and I worked on our background pieces ...he has the striking blue and red canvases and next week we will use stencils and some oil pastels to add the next layers...he will complete 9 8X10 canvases that will hand in his bedroom of his new home a collection assemblage of his lessons.

The last canvas is what I began after Ben left with Franny his grandmother. I am working on leaving the Fear at the Door ...more to explore.


  1. do take good care
    and be gentle for a while (with yourself) after you are feeling better... for it takes a while to heal.

    fear is an interesting subject.
    i explored it recently for a day of conversation with some friends. it is hard to understand how fear ever came to be.

    it seems fear, for the most part is based on thoughts, not reality. so to become present to what is actually going on is a good attempt at letting fear melt away into nothingness.

    what use is fear,,,, really I can not find a good use for it.

    just thoughts I have had... on fear.

    take care and have fun with your art.

  2. I love the random quality of these pieces!

  3. Fun backgrounds, my kind of style, loose and playful. Glad you are mending. xox Corrine

  4. resting in between is a very good thing!!
    I absolutely love 'leaving fear at the door', and look forward to seeing more on that! such a great focus... fabulous work as always. xoxoxox K

  5. Those backgrounds look fantastic! I am glad you are slowly recovering! Well, happy about the recovering part...not the slowly part! LOL!

  6. Take care of yourself, my friend...nothing is more important than your if you can just find someone to do the laundry!! Have a fabulous week and take care in between your creative moments....if you can!!