Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday the rains return...Saturday my quiet time in the studio was blissful....

Happy Earth Day on Friday! I had a generous supply of school children off from classes for Good Friday. They all seem fascinated with my design elements ....buttons, papers, punches, stamps and inks, collages, and several other process motivated images. I had several artist stop by for a quick lunch and brief dialogue for the future of the art camp "The Chemistry of Art".

Welcome to the world my dear Mason James photographed with his loving and proud father Michael. He came home from the hospital today and my sister Donna and Michael's parents were there to help the young parents. I know i am prejudiced but he is just a beautiful baby ....I am sorry the photos at side...I am not sure what I did to post them like this.

Today I worked in a peaceful quiet and Kathy and Tony came in to pick up a couple of his wonderful wood pieces in preparation for the Granville Wine and Art Festival on June 11 and 12, 2011 at Bryn du Mansion on the Polo field. I will be volunteering once again this year .... It is a continuation of my outreach program and a way to network with others in the community. Kathy and Tony's dog has had surgery and is in recovery...Miss Leah is a gentle giant with a heart of gold. She thinks she is a lap dog despite her regal size.

I worked on my next line of hand made cards for the studio. Several people stopped by to just peek around and see what is going on. I began packing for my next Saturday outing at Dawes Arboretum for the annual Arbor Day festivities and exploration. I am packing the supplies into the easy to carry clear storage and light and prepared in case it continues to rain once again.

As you can see I have had a very busy week and will drop off to sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! Embrace the moment and create !!!!

Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen


  1. I like Miss Leah's tshirt. Quite the chic dog there. It was a glorious Easter here with temps hitting 70 after a dreary horrible rain on Saturday. Hope that the tornadoes and storms stay far from you this coming week. xox Corrine

  2. Your Easter weekend so productive and devine! Mason really is a beautiful baby. Is this a grandson? My niece's son's name is Mason also. Really a wonderful name:)

  3. Mason James is my God daughter's first child and yes this name has a special power to it...they are in Charlotte,NC and I really do wish i was closer to just hold him in my arms. We have been very busy here this week but at least the tornadoes are over for now. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart