Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anevening with David Crosby and Graham Nash at the Midland Theater.....

I am very tired and it is after midnight...four decades after they first met and began singing they are still extremely harmonic and as political as ever. For three hours we were all mesmerized by the two genius men with their incredible back up band. It seems like yesterday that I was playing my LPs and now every thing can be recorded lice on a thumb drive and then burnt onto your own personal CD. I promise to share more tomorrow but I am delirious at the moment and visions of sugar plums ...well maybe not sugar plums are dancing in my head. I do have photos to share but tomorrow is another day...glorious day with sunshine I hope. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Final Friday Art Walk
Chocolate Walk
Studio time
Storm warnings ...but what is new?
Tomorrow I promise...


  1. Ooooh I am soooooo jellie that you got to hear them. I love Graham Nash's voice and what a songwriter! I bet you had sweet, sweet dreams. xox Corrime

  2. how fabulous!! So glad you got to enjoy this experience :) Beautiful photos, too. Thinking of you and sending hugs, xox

  3. You are soooo lucky!!! I've always been a fan of theirs..they are the sound of my youth...just did a blog about the Bay Sound, but they are very much included, Bay or not!!

    Hope you slept well and take care.


  4. Sooooo Jealous!! :) Sweet dreams