Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy almost April Fool's Day....

Twenty one years ago I had my first one woman opening at the Methodist Theological Seminary gallery...I sold several of my pieces on that day. I have had a totally different feeling since that day 21 years ago and still feel a deep appreciation for those who came out to support me. So much has happened in 21 years and I am forever trying to grow with each new day. I am so fortunate that I AM STILL HERE! Thank you Bill T. Jones and your warmth and support when we met at at Ohio State University Hospital and you told me to dance with my whole spirit every day I wake up to a fresh start. Powerful words to live by.

I did go into the studio today and met with several families and a couple students ...Parker and Lauren to work on their interpretive painting styles and images. It is amazing how they can snack , dance and paint at the same time and still bring forth some incredible images. I cleaned up a little bit and came home and went right to bed :O)! Fatigue is still controlling my attempts to do more ...but I am very grateful to be able to be back in the saddle once again. Spring Break is coming to an end and and the Works has been a hopping place all week. Over 300 visitors each day and their grandparents and other family members...I know Howard is smiling down on us living his dream. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Well, April 1st here, and I'm thinking the snow falling outside our window has to be an April Fool Joke. Wish it was so! Love the smiles on all the faces in your special photos.

  2. Glad you are a little better...April Fool's struck here to but it's melting now. xox Corrine