Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail....and my painting lesson with Miss Cora

I am so happy that today was the celebration of living the life of an artist. This morning I met with the educational director and her friend and wonderful artist Duarte Brown. He will be one of the features artists coming to the central gallery. We made a real connection and shared our inspirations and personal focus in our journey as artists. I am so grateful to be in the studio early this morning and the privilege of meeting this fine young man. Michelle came in to sketch and breathe a sigh of relief from her extremely busy life schedules. Michelle enjoyed playing with sketching with the magic pencils...the kind of pencil with multiple colors of lead. We each had a bowl of soup and shared the quiet moments of the week. hen my sweet Miss Cora arrived to have her painting lesson. On Monday she created a dog named Ocean with tissue today she had a wonderful idea to make a painting about a cat named Sand. It sounds like a story for future creative writing. Cora experienced seven different types of brushes and used acrylics with opal essences and delicious colors of the ocean, sky and sand. Continuing the theme of fantasy we used colors she just loved and enjoyed the process of creating a personal story in colors and brushstrokes.

Tonight for our Family night I think we created a heart memory for both the children and their parents. My dear friend Priscilla has created and made an Easter Bunny costume that will melt your heart. Danielle and I created over a 100 plastic eggs filled with stickers and candies to hide out in the courtyard. Yes it was a cold April evening but it was not raining and we did not have severe weather looming over our heads. The children had a ball ...chasing.. searching... collecting ...and finally eating lovely desserts for the heart and the body! I am extremely exhausted tonight but will fall into bed soon. I am so happy to be where I am in this moment. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

P.S. Thank you Priscilla Rink for making the happiest of "hoppiest" Easter memories for the families attending Family night for The Grill Deli on 50 South Second Street at The Works!!!

Welcome home to all the travelers returning from their journeys in China with the Chamber of Commerce!


  1. I always enjoy all of the wonderful works and the joy of all of the wonderful smiling faces that are having fun with their art. Yourself included!!! Was close to Newark last week. One of these days I am going to stop in!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. Looks like fun! You have brought happiness to your corner of the world.

  3. What a sweet kiddo lovely Miss Cora, an artists heart in there I think! xox Corrine

  4. I had to laugh at your "bunny" pic. My daughter sent me pics of the 4 boys with the bunny and the youngest, my little Sammy boy, age 20 months, was terrified. He was crying and clinging to his older brother. Then the next day, they went to some other festival and she sent pics of Sammy and Sean, the oldest of the penis posse, in some little barrel ride...again, Sammy was clinging to Sean and in tears. I told her after such a horrific and traumatic weekend, that poor child is going to need some serious therapy!! LOLOLOLOL!!

    Have a wonderful and blissful weekend, my friend.