Friday, April 8, 2011

Time is just vanishing like a mist over the morning hills....

I had a wonderful evening last night with two dear friends. The evening was filled with laughter , family stories, a white pizza and a fresh green salad with a ginger shitake mushroom dressing. I slept in until after nine this morning and rushed around to get to work on my schedule. I met with a couple of artists who are showing their works at the gallery on first street at The Works. I met with Lynn the art director and she explained the call for artists for the central gallery. Lynn was meeting with a photographer this afternoon for the first upcoming exhibit and finally there will be Art in the central gallery once again. It will be just another chapter of the visual language that conveys another layer of the History and sacred marks artists make. I am very excited about the prospect of having more stimulation and conversation outside my studio the more Art the better.

I worked on carving a small 4 by 6 soft block use in several small projects to offer for sale in the studio. I do have to pay the rent. Then as I worked in the solitude and quiet with a little music in the back ground a young mother came in for assistance. She has a child in need of direction in her life and had heard of my works and really needed information about my individual art classes. I listened and even if we do not meet as a class I was able to listen and share my experiences with an unruly teen. I gave her others she might want to meet with in coordination with the courts and counseling team. There are moments in life when I am in the right place at the right time. Now I will wait until I hear more information about the possibilities to come.

I was rushing out the door to go over to my daughter's house...her father in law had had a heart attack and had emergency surgery over in Columbus. By the time I arrived we had more information and he was resting quietly after having a stent placed to open a blockage. My friend stopped me ...he had been by to visit while I was out with pneumonia...and stopped to share his photos of his two recent paintings after returning from a three week stay in Thailand. We made promises to have lunch real soon and I am so glad to have him in my life safe and sound from his global adventures.

I made a quick trip to pick up 50% off the materials for my puppet workshop with the mother's play group visiting me in a couple of weeks. I found chenille puffs, bright pipe cleaners and wonderful squiggly eyes on sale to add to the simple design elements we will use in our workshop. I came home and hit the bed for a quick rest and came down to complete this post of the day. I realize each day is an adventure and sometimes...often I guess...just showing up for living a life as an artist is the greatest gift I can experience. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Embrace the moment. Create. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I feel you in my heart as I read your post. xox

  2. Just showing up and living life, well you always do more than show up, you leap in and gather up those arpund you in loving arms. xox Corrine