Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tea for Tuesdays ... hot and spicy

I had several old friends drop by today...my favorite Frosty Morning Bluegrass Boys... and even though the skies were gray and mostly wet....the environment inside the studio was filled with Sunshine from the hearts. I am watching The Fabulous Beekman Boys and enjoying their journey as entrepreneurs and contemporary farmers. They have a very WIDE circle of influential friends in high places like Martha Stewart, the New York fashion industry and the some prominent vendors like Bendels and Bloomingdales. Maximize the profits...selecting the inventory... writing and book signings... plus a Bling farmer boots with crystals.... for the cooking demonstrations...all of this is a cooperative business partnerships. Life just does not get simple for anyone.

I worked on my tag files ...making a sample of collage for the students to preserve their individual works as they work in the studio. I added pastels to my canvas collage...leave your fears at the door.... and continued to carve into my soft block for printmaking. before I knew it it was 5:30 and I went off to meet Ken for a light dinner. I went to the bedroom and added the heating pad to my ears...they are so painful right now and seem full....so uncomfortable. I guess I will have to call my doctor and decide what is the next step. Have a wonderful night. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

P.S. My new glass artist and her wonderful wares...
a possible exhibit at Kendal for Kay Kenyon in the near future...
May's upcoming Rural Art Exhibit in Mount Vernon....
Visitors from Vermont...
Thank you for such a full day!


  1. Sending good things your way. Feel better soon. Happy tea day to you.

  2. Lots of hot tea with lemon and honey!!! Don't do too much u til you are fully well....bling farmer boots, I like that. xox Corrine

  3. sounds like a nice day, so sorry to hear you are hurting...hope your ears feel better soon...xo

  4. Always enjoy all your photos with your posts, feel better!

  5. always so much to enjoy when I stop by Mary Helen...imagining what a magnet you are in the art community with open doors and inspiration to all

    take care...hope you feel better very soon!