Thursday, April 14, 2011

sunshine day....

sunshine day
daffodils dancing in the garden
laughter outside my studio gate
collage of colors and papers dance on my tag board
Norah Jones's melodic voice in the background
quiet repose
plans to visit the Urban Art Gallery
with their urban approach to making Art here in Newark
studio classes with a father and son
there is room for us all to create.
I made a delightful visit to my fabric store and their half price notions and remnants
summer inspirations for sundresses for beach trips
Arbor day celebrations to prepare
samples...examples and plans to play with light and textures
the day has been close to perfect.
Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Yesterday was a sunshine day here too~~I could not resist but to put a photo spread on blog.
    Love the daffodils; I miss them so. But the chipmunks think they are gourmet items I put out for them..... ;-)
    Have a great Friday!!!


  2. Sunshine here yesterday too, it was gorgeous, no buds yet, but they are almost ready. Half price sales can be dangerous!!!! xox Corrine

  3. i am seeking more flowers, more sunshine days! thank you for these beautiful daffodils.