Sunday, April 17, 2011

Every Inchie Monday... Friends

As I went through the quiet of my Sunday serenity I began working on my Inchie for friends. For some reason...I am not really sure why I though about the friends of the oceans and seas. As Earth Day comes closer ...April 22... I remember why and how we should all take the time to think about our water use and the how we treat the depths of the oceans. If I remember correctly all life came from the favorites are tiny creatures that appear almost mythological in their appearance and dance their dance in the clearest of the tropical oceans...seahorses. They move with a grace of motion and seem totally innocent in their appearance...I though about my beloved sea turtles but I have other plans for them in the near future.

I sorted through some materials for Arbor Day activities and will make rubbings and cards for the tiniest of hands wanting to make a difference. I will make special crayons...melted down from an assortment of broken pieces of crayons... and then melt them down into a dozen muffins pan to make large marbled design elements that are sure to please. I finally changed the batteries in my camera...this model requires 4 double AA lithium batteries. Now I will be completely prepared at a moment's notice to capture the moment in digital diary entries.

My god child's baby Mason James is definitely deciding when he is arriving into this world...I asked Amber if there was anything I could do for her? And she said "Take him out"...those last weeks of pregnancy can be very demanding for the new parents waiting to become parents. I wish I lived closer to Charlotte , North Carolina so at least I could spend some quiet time with with them both.

I hope you have all had a creative restful weekend with your families. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. So cute! ...and meaningful. Very peaceful.

  2. I am picturing tiny squid and sea horses swimming in a jeweled froth. xox Corrine

  3. serenity is dreaming of the ocean. i was at the beach at the jersey shore yesterday just letting my breath rise with the mass before me. i will honor the earth/ nature all week.
    thanks, mary helen.
    your friend,
    michelle, thewanderer

  4. Lovely inchie and as always a very lovely post my dear!