Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday was a blur...and Thursday was a gift...

Yesterday I worked the Blood Drive at the Midland Theater for a couple of hours. It seems like a simple gift to make a donation when you are able... but the need is always present and the lack of donations could prove to be fatal when there is not a match. I then worked at the studio and had several projects in a flow process. I finished up some minor consolidating of design elements into a smaller box for storage and began to prepare for the Family Craft night at the Grill Deli. Danielle had planned a lesson for finger puppets and the children seemed to really enjoy this playful exercise. I then went to Saint Francis to participate in the Stations of the Cross with our friends "Living Waters". Two of the members of this contemporary Christian music group are friends of Ken and myself. I may not be the good Catholic but this is how I feel prayer and service should be held....make a joyful sound. I came home and with the busy day I had enjoyed I went to bed and fell fast asleep.

I had a wonderful surprise today when Samantha Hookaway came in for lunch with her grandmother Jane Alexander. Sam has been a special artist I have learned to love since her undergraduate years at Ohio State the glass blowing department. She then studied abroad in Sweden before returning to work for her MFA at Temple University. This past year she has worked in a New York Gallery as an intern. This young woman is totally fearless and i am amazed by her focus. I am hopeful she might be able to work and demonstrate in our Works Glass Studio and possibly teach a class or two before she returns to Sweden in July! Samantha you have blessed my life and I wish you only the best in the future!

Today I began a quiet morning in the warmth of Spring's I headed down to the studio I felt as if the air was as fresh as I could remember in a very long time. Michelle and I had lunch and then several visitors came in from California to see my quilts...they had picked up my information at the visitors center. I shared my smaller works and my quilt book of poetry and images over the last 25 years. I gave them a tour and sent them over to see Kathy Anderson and Tony Reynolds Metamorphosis exhibit at the Works. They made a generous donation to allow me to continue my work with the children who fall through the cracks. I met briefly with the Hospice coordinator for our meeting next week ...I am working on creating a work to honor the members of the community who have made contributions to the vision and focus of our local Hospice. After a very busy day a couple of friends gathered to celebrate friendship and support as each of us is meeting the challenges that a new decade presents. We had a white pizza...and a great cup of coffee and an enormous amount of laughter. God bless my female friends. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. you do so many wonderful things. I feel happy that you have good friends and people that want to support you and the children.

    PS I bet you would look wonderful in lime green~

  2. It sounds like you are doing better! YAY! An such wonderful things, too!

  3. you have such a generous spirit, you inspire me! xx