Thursday, March 24, 2011

Austin Walkin Cane... Blues player from Cleveland.OH

I have a bad cough tonight but I am so grateful that I did not cancel for this Caberet Stage Door performance at the Midland. Intimate , tables up on the stage, a heart beat from the performer. A wonderful charismatic musician who hails from Cleveland but has played all over the USA with some of the best Blues performers in the nation. I will read a little more about him tomorrow when I am feeling better but I need to get to bed because tomorrow is the Final Friday Art Walk with my dear friend Kay Kenyon's opening at the Argyle Stdio and The Digital Art Exhibit next door at the LCA Gallery Shop. I need to be healthier and the weather needs to improve...our temperatures have dropped 30 degrees since yesterday's wild ride of weather. My daffodils are still up but they have been through rain, hail and now a major drop in temperatures and a promise of new more time.

I have had nothing from trouble with my blogger connection tonight...I will have to report more tomorrow. I have lost several paragraphs and the photos are just not unloading correctly tonight. I will try tomorrow...maybe there is a gremlin in my system tonight.

Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. My 90 year old friend from Kendal Retirement community stopped by for lunch...Charlotte you are my hero!


  1. Feel better, dispel all gremlins and move to the blues. xox Corrine

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