Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tea for Tuesdays...can Polka Spot be saved?

Ken has gone to spend a couple days with his dear 90 year old mother...mostly to just listen to her as she recounts the chapters of her life with her beloved middle child. I am staying home busy with making changes at the bank...savings accounts are just not working these days and since I have very little money to play with I have to be very careful. I am learning from a very nice man...Shad and he is guiding me through the major changes in today's economy. I am working every day very hard but for now the financial rewards are just creeping in. Now I am very happy with my progress but I still need to make every penny work for the dream and fulfill my passion. Shad has found a safe...relatively safe way for me to boost my interest returns and still keep the funds safe and intact. I felt that this gentleman had gently guided me through a path that will show some improvement in the next couple of years.

I think my Tea for Tuesday was a bit messy...I decided to put like materials together to further my organizational skills. I got side tracked and ended up watching my educational video on working with polymer clays and possible items that I can make to sell this coming holiday season. Yes Christmas is just a blink away and i want to create a one of a kind speciality item to sell and boost the economy. I did select a couple renewed placements of my see thru flat boxes to arrange my punches together ..in a formal organization that is accessible. I also moved my acrylics to a larger open box...again see thru so I can have my inventory at hand and know when I need to replenish when they come up on sale. Tomorrow I will organize the reposition of my movable tiered tables to allow appropriate space for my new and improved higher table...ease for my aching back when I need to cut my fabrics...something I know I am eager to get back to. Oh well...life is a continuing lesson in making an artist life here in Newark, Ohio.

Tonight instead of March Madness I am enjoying the Green Planet's "Fabulous Beekman Boys...Josh and Brent...two city slickers who dream and buy their very own farm. From their Polka Spot llama , over a hundred baby goats this Spring, a pig named Big Red and numerous chickens and a rooster or two. The struggle they have is not much different from my life as an artist...I just do not have the poop to pick up from the barn floor. I have learned about their mercantile business, mail order soaps, homemade cheeses from the goats milk and now four little black sheep. Meeting Brent's family for the first time ...their are fundamental religious differences does not happen and finding an overnight accommodations that will allow four baby black sheep. Now do you understand why I love these boys...they are totally fearless and great problem solvers...just the encouragement we could all use in living our daily lives. I pray you have had a great day...however productive or not your day may be. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Moving to farms and out of the cities seems to be popular according to the new census. Also they said people are moving south.
    Wish I had satellite or cable to see that show. But we are on a budget and only have the antennae, which one day may become obsolete. Have a good day MH.

  2. I have received several requests for the station that airs The Beekman Boys... each community has their own time and station so check your public library and request their DVDs that are now available. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart