Tuesday, March 1, 2011

fishy....cosmic... frolic... my inchies are completed....

Tea for Tuesday and I drank wonderful iced tea while I worked with my little Kylie to make a special "butterfly" garden card. I had several visitors come in to watch me work on my second layer of my large commission..."Come Back Successful". Last night I had a dream of the rich colors of India and saw the saris flowing in the breeze as if they were large ethereal butterflies. The transformation of this metaphor seems so appropriate for the affirmation I am beginning to put together. When the canvas is completely dry I think I am going to sand through the transparencies and add another layer of interference paints in sheer layers before I commit my goddess transfers on silk to the canvas. I am not sure how I will add the hands on top of hands images I see in my heart's mind. This process is time consuming between the drying layers but seems to work for me right now so I am practicing the art of patience. I went to my art store in quest of special papers to incorporate...but I was unsuccessful. The papers I see in my image are difficult to find ...silky images and transparencies are details I am searching for. I am even toying with using real silks but I am not settled on this just yet.

I met Ken for dinner and we had an opportunity to just sit together and not worry about what we will be preparing for dinner. Once again I had iced tea...the sunshine has me in the mood for the coming changes and this morning when I was pulling the car out of the garage I saw on March 1,2011 ...my daffodils are peeking up out of the coverage of winter's leaves. I was immediately motivated to feel a lightness of spirit but Ken reminded me that we still have a lot of winter left in the year. I think of my beloved daffodil lady...Eva Montgomery who passed at the age of 96 and is responsible for the multitude of varieties of daffodils we have growing in our community. I miss you warmth and smile Miss Eva but when I see the seasonal rebirth in the daffodils returning I know she is still with me. I immediately went upstairs to my home studio to finish my inchies ....fishy... cosmic.... and frolic! I decided to remove some stitches ...make some changes and well poor Ken was sound asleep. I will ask him to put my photos up early in the morning. I am already working on my "dance " inchie...happy feet comes to my mind and heart and I has a silver high heel charm I want to incorporate for Fun. I pray you have had a day filled with sunshine and made time to put your sacred marks down on paper or canvas. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I sorted through the wonderful buttons and ribbons I received yesterday from my art crew in Dayton...plus she even provided the stainless steel magnetic containers for easy access. Thank you ...thank you...thank you! After studying my photos of the canvas I realize I have a long road to travel to get where I want to see and be :O)!


  1. Sounds like the sun is shining where you are and is bringing out even more creativity in your studio. Glad you are feeling well. Anxious to see your finished piece.

  2. Mary Helen, I am fascinated by your large canvas! So glad you have daffodils out already. Spring will be to you soon. Spring has come to southeast Texas already. Have a blessed day! VernitaTX

  3. SPRING SPRING it's just around the corner! I keep reminding myself as I watch the snow melting that the Bluebirds will be arriving by the end of the month. I love the canvas. Have you thought about using just one layer of a colorful napkin for your papers? They provide a light colorful "moving" type of paper layer.
    Love it! :)Bea

  4. I will be sure to post my little inchies tonight when I return from my studio...tonight is Family night in the central gallery so I am having dinner with my three grand daughters...woohoo! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Love your large canvas; so alive and hopeful! Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving your lovely comment. I will be back, here, for visits, too; as I can see you are very talented not only with your art but words. Thanks for sharing so much! Best always - Marilyn

  6. You can put tissue paper and tracing paper through an inkjet printer. Have a piece of cardstock, tape the light paper securely and use a *fast* print setting or you'll get too much ink.
    You could photograph hands, scan them, use drawings, etc.
    If you think this might work, I'll walk you through it.


  7. I love daffodils too Mary Helen. The little yellow heads cheer me right up. Shenanigans and malarkying are always good too :)

  8. This post is full of spring and hope, lovely! Trying to find my old friends, Mary Helen. I had to start a new blog (very stupidly deleted my old one)! I'm now at:
    You can read about my ditzyness there. Hope to see you around!