Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Family ties...let the circle be unbroken....

Have you ever wondered what beautiful and 90 looks like??? Here is my second mother Elizabeth Stewart with her eldest daughter beautiful Susie. Ken is home from Marion, IN after taking a short visit to see his mother and the family members remaining in his hometown. Deanie, Ken's sister was babysitting for her granddaughter Maddie for the Spring break...just having a small little girl around lights up the room. Time is the greatest gift we can have to share with those we love... paying attention to every detail of her stories ...letting her do her daily rituals on her own as much as possible... patiently watching and listening for subtle changes. When one works as hard as Mom Stewart has her whole life...watching the changes happen without the power to assist her mind making decisions ...finding the correct words... taking care of yourself is now an unattainable goal. Love is a circle that continues to grow as we grow...and late in the decades of our life here on earth we need the gentle human touch of those we once took care of. I love you Mom Stewart and seeing this loss develop and grow is heavy on my heart.

I attended the Wednesday Family night at the Grill Deli ...Danielle was back and we made paper pin wheels for Springs arrival. The weather outside was foreboding and we were under a tornado warning...we had strong rains and hail for about 15 minutes but there was no serious damage. The crowd was a bit smaller and I think the weather held some parents from coming out on this evening but within about 60 minutes the sunshine returned and even though the temperatures were dropping the closing of the day was beautiful. My girls seem to enjoy just being out in the middle of the week and my friend Mary Woodward brought her Camille and Hendrix for the evening of movies, popcorn, crafts and fellowship in a very economic environment.

I arrived home and with a childhood delight I found my daffodils had survived the Spring storm. Simple pleasures keep me focused of the moment in time... the present is the gift. I worked on my tiny Inchie for next Monday...winged. I won't give too many clues so as spoil the surprise. I am really enjoying this collaboration ...and look forward to completing the display ideas at the end of the year. I went up to my sewing studio here at home and found just the right beads for a fiery presentation. :O)

I am very tired from working in the reorganization of my art design elements and takes time but I will save time by knowing where materials are when I need them. I wish you Peace tonight. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Heart-ful post Mary Helen, circles of family, circles of frie ds, circles of the tribe, our tribe of love. xox Corrine

  2. Such wonderful photos of people loving people!

  3. Touching post. She is beautiful! Love all the photos of the kids too. They seem to be having so much fun!

  4. What a lovely family, Mary Helen. Wow, 90 years old!! This was such a wonderful tribute to her and your family. God bless you all.