Thursday, March 10, 2011

thursday...but I thought it was still Wednesday...

 state of mind presently...I seem to be more than a bit loopy right now and a wee bit dizzy but I did have a magnificent day in the studio. No I did not get very much work done but little baby steps in between visitors and possible outreach preparations for Spring. I had an incredible evening last night with the family night activities at the Grill Deli and the wonderful children. Thank you all for commenting on the images and the golden tones of beads were my last selection of photos and will continue on this color theme for my next large work. I have been invited to exhibit in an national Audubon Corkscrew Sanctuary in Naples, Florida for the months of April and May 2011. This kind of took the sting out of not making the final selection for the Best of Ohio 2011 with the Ohio Designers and Craftsmen . One in three made the final selection process so maybe my Australian quilt was not in the theme or colors the juror was looking for this particular time. I do look forward to attending the opening but I sure would have enjoyed having my work exhibited in my Alma mater Kent State next Fall. I remember the advice my dear friend Anita Corum gave me over 20 years ago...think of it as a nonacceptance... not a rejection of the work. She was wise beyond her years and saw the importance of working daily and know that there are times when your pieces may shine and glow in one exhibit and not really be cohesive in this particular exhibit. Maybe next year...I am happy to have my quilt back hanging on my wall as I arrive home each night.

I want to personally recommend that each and every one of you attend the opening at The Art Works Gallery to celebrate three wonderful artists...Kathy Anderson's painting...Tony Reynold's wood works and vessels and Sarah Vaughn's latest glass creations for the Metamorphosis collaborative exhibit. The installation is simply elegant in presentation and will allow the viewers an opportunity to study and appreciate the individual pieces created for this exhibit. I have enticed you all with a few photos but they do not do the entirety and depth of this year ow work. The show opens at 6 and will offer small delights and sweet wine until 8 pm. Come on down and rejoice in the works of our very own artists as they shine and glow in the much due limelight.

I am intrigued that today there was a much awaited announcement of the first new drug for the treatment of Lupus in 52 years. This pioneering biochemistry and biotechnology approach is the first news of promise that I personally have waited for over 25 slight problem is the affordability is in the outer limits...$30.000 for one year. maybe I should contact Bill and Melinda gates for some financial assistance. I am going to seriously apply for a clinical trial over at Ohio State University Hospital in their research department...cross your fingers.

I need to get to bed...the snow is falling again and I may be getting up a little earlier to get down my ski slope of a driveway. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. What beautiful pieces, one and all! Thanks for the photos. That snow has to stop soon!

  2. Fingers crossed. Exciting news about a new treatment. I have a friend with Lupus too. Costs will really hurt most folks though. What gorgeous work at that show you previewed. Thanks for your sweet comments to me. xox corrine

  3. Thank the good Lord the snow is beautiful but is not going to last for long. I have received many encouragements from you all who support the new Lupus treatment on the horizon. I feel there will have to be a change in the high cost of treatments many people need help NOW. Have a great day! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart