Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday moves into Saturday....snow to sunshine....

Yesterday the hillside was covered in a light fluffy snowfall...pristine and so clean. My daffodils are pushing up and reaching for the sky with snow caps for their head dress. Everywhere I looked I saw the soft whiteness was present as if to cover all of the dark dampness we have experienced in the inches of rain we have received earlier this week. I was mesmerized by the simple beauty of this glorious morning. When I arrived at the studio there was a flurry of activity and a renewal of visitors. Michelle came in to complete her commission for Mike Gray of his niece and two nephews. I rushed home to shower and wash my hair in preparation for the the celebration.... I was covered with gesso, gel mediums and tiny glitter...very festive if I saw so myself. Ken came home and we arrived at The Works Gallery just in time to celebrate the wonders of these three artists. Two artists are seasoned and evolving and one young indomitable spirit exhibiting her glass for the first time here in Newark. The crowd was wonderfully pleased and amazed at the depth and extent of growth both Kathy and Tony have demonstrated over the year's work progress. We went back to the glass studio to see Sarah's latest creations and I marveled at the delicate glass pendants...they are stunning. I will have to return to get some more photos of her offerings...the crowd prevent me from getting some quality close ups. All in all We both came home tired but refreshed at the same time. The sky was now filled with incredible rays of sunshine piercing the fluff of the clouds ...I felt a sacredness of this moment...almost a visible sign from the heavens that this would be a blessed night.

Today I continued my work in the studio. One of my guests was a man confined to a wheel chair who admitted he came in to get out of the blustery winds ...but we chatted and I helped him get out the front doors. We do not have handicapped assisted doors at this entrance....after he left I felt a little disappointed in myself because I had not offered him a cup of warming tea. He told me where he lives and gets around downtown quite well on this modern scooter but I do worry about his safety crossing the streets. I suppose his has angels watching over him. Young couples came in with their children on their way to the Works Museum and Michelle dropped by and I proudly handed her her check for her commission...just in time for her family Spring break vacation down to visit her mother in Florida. I gave her Creative Wildfire ...a how to inspiration book to study and PLAY on her vacation. I stopped by Michael's to pick up 10 8X10 canvases for my student coming in to paint next Saturday...he is 14 and willing to try just about anything in the Arts. I was very tired when I arrived at home and enjoyed the left overs of roast beef and mashed potatoes and corn...yummy comfort foods. Ken finished the video from the opening and I will add a few more photos tomorrow. I pray for the displaced families in words are totally inadequate when I express my sorrow and grief. Love your families tonight! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. lovely sketch/drawing and wonderful interactions. wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  2. Please check out Tammie Lee's blog...the words and images are spectacular. Thank you Tammie for stopping by. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. You and your hubby look so cute together always. Light snow is pretty,though I am wishing for no more. Japan, I cannot even think how they will begin to recover, it sems so overwhelming, but they have indomitable spirit as a nation
    so my prayers and thoughts are going out to them. xox Corrine

  4. The white was amazing, wasn't it? My eyes hurt, it was so bright here. I admit, this late snowfall was beautiful, and I took pictures, but I am still ready for a good dose of spring.