Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday is my day of rest...and reflection...

I have been doing a lot of running lately and needed a pajama day to catch up on favorite blogs and the laundry and finish my big pot of chicken noodle soup. As I tour the Internet I realize how difficult this time of year is on so many artists...the cold, damp and the ongoing winter trials has worn many spirits down. In reflection I know the world is so chaotic at this moment but please remember this is when artists can document and visualize the needed place for creation and peace for us all. Eat nourishing foods, surround yourself with loving souls, give back to someone who might need a smile on this winter day. I am grateful for my time here and the work I can now do full time...I can not change the world but I am working to become a change in my life and the lives around me. I want to live in a state of Grace ....and give Grace when it is least expected to those struggling to see the possibilities. There is no perfection but we can strive to grow to be the best and give our best to others. Embrace the moment and know the subtle changes are becoming visible...wrap yourself in warmth and secure a restful moment... realize the positive changes becoming visible and know you have love. Create with your mind, heart and body...share the wealth. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

"The Beauty you craved in things was always seen through a veil. Turn around...see now where Beauty comes from." Rumi

Beautiful memories Love....creation


  1. Greetings from cold snowy Minnesota, much like yourself I use Sundays to reflect the weeks past and catch up in blog reading and emails ect.

    I love your blog! You alwys have a way to bring forth a calm that I sometimes seek! Thankyou for doing that!

    Keep creating...I can almost smell your pot of chicken soup! :) YUMMMMMM

    Have a great week

  2. I had a half of a pajama day, and it was GOOD! And I am in no hurry to try and catch up on anything I slid behind on be it.
    Hope you got in a good day of rest; it seemed 24 hours of no worry and work did me a world of good.
    Remind me I need to SCHEDULE these things.....more often!


  3. I wanted to come by and say *hi*, Mary Helen!!! I'm trying to catch up also and love coming to your blog!! xo

  4. Great heart Mary Helen. Start with yourself and spread the circle out around you. If we all did it, imagine how the world could really change. Pajama days are the best. xox Corrine

  5. So many beautiful thoughts, Mary Helen! Thank you for sharing this grace with all of us!

  6. i stayed in all day yesterday {after i trained one client and walked my dog}. i am at the close of hibernation, and gently easing out bits to my creative projects. i guess we all feel like taking it easy right now.

    i love to visit you and your thoughts! thanks mary.