Monday, March 14, 2011

Every Inchie Monday....endless

Here we go on time and everything....endless...reminds me of the Celtic knots and the endless circle complete with beads. Enjoy! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Monday evening.... I have had a very difficult time adjusting to the time change...tell me why we are making this change?? I felt totally out of sync most of the day. I worked on the Mona Lisa framing process and added my silk images I transferred about Paris. I wanted to do more but the drying process is vital to keeping the images clear and be able to add more layers of colors and a few more design elements. While I was working I listened to the young couple preparing for the wedding this Saturday ...he and she are both 19 and he is shipping out to Iraq shortly after the wedding. He was trying to convince his mother that he wanted their first taste of champagne to be at their wedding...and of course I spoke up ...quietly...anyone who is old enough to serve for our country in Iraq is old enough to have their first taste of alcohol. Maybe I should have just kept quiet...but when I look into this young man eyes I now see a young man doing his country's duty and making a commitment in marriage to the young woman he is in love with. let us all pray for them all...they have the world ahead of them.

I am introducing the youngest member of our family March madness basketball team...he is Mr. Cole and soon will be four years old and enjoys making us all smile and laugh...Grandpa is totally delighted. Staged yes but FUN still for everyone.

I can feel the rain that is moving in aches and pains are running through my body so I am going to bed. I did catch some photos of the sun going down in the haze of clouds moving in from the south. I hope you are all busy working or planning and making new art doodles...drawings ...rubbings...what ever makes you happy. Trust your soul's musings....Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I love this Mary Helen. I am going to feature this on the blog on Thursday.

  2. If this isn't a wonderful inchie...all of the bead art is very Rocks!
    Remember to submit to the Flickr group Kris set up for us! ...Tootsie

  3. everything endless... it's a beautiful mantra and vow worth meditating upon. good to visit you, mary helen.
    we will keep creating, resting, creating, resting...
    my LOve to you,

  4. Wow love your inchie, great celtic knots fabric, thanks for nice comment on my inchie.

  5. Really love this!!! I'm a big fan of Celtic knots, so your inchie grabbed me right away!!!

  6. Beautiful inchie! I love your use of the Celtic knot!