Thursday, March 3, 2011

The fatigue hit me hard today...

When one is very exhausted I have found it difficult to really complete my work. Except for my four year old Kylie
...she has a way of energizing my soul. We work on a redesign of our US Postal Hat by adding hearts and flowers and sparkle stars. I apologize for the difficulty of posting photos last night ...the computer world was mystical last night and would only allow me to perform a few tasks, I did post my fishy....cosmic... frolic Inchies last night and then again this morning so I am now caught up. I replenished my cards today and ordered another book of my quilts for a special client. My Vista order arrived and I need to get my postcards and tri folds out to other places and the visitors center. Late in the afternoon I took an actual rest on my futon of dreams in my small office...and found enough energy to get the major grocery shopping done. The economic situation is getting tighter and with the increase of gas is getting very tight. I replenished the cat and dog foods and treats plus cleaning...who says I clean???... supplies and the incidentals ones need to keep the household going. I was home by seven but totally ready for bedtime. Please forgive me for being brief tonight.

Tomorrow I will be more refreshed and ready to roast my dear friend Don Gunnerson for the Cancer fund raiser in the evening. Our newspaper had a wonderful front page article today and this honor is long over due. For my new followers...Don has supported and donated to every nonprofit agency in Licking county and a major life force for making the Arts a success here. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Guess we all have to clean sometimes! Your inchies are so fun with buttons and beads. If we napped would we miss too much? xox Corrine

  2. I was the same yesterday; am still wiped out this morning, but we have to EAT, so I have to go out. Meeting a friend for lunch and that will determine how much shopping I do. I think Mary Helen, the weather is not helping~~Supposed to get rain today.
    Your inchies are lovely and I DO NOT know how you make something that small!!!
    Take care my friend...


  3. Something is going around blog-land, it seems. We all need a shot of spring this year! I love the inchies, good for you getting those done! TGIF!

  4. I am loving those inchies!!! Such cute photos all around!

  5. Beautiful inchies! Hope you feel rested!

  6. Cleaning is right in there with death and taxes!! LOL I just spent $25 on 7 gallons today and that's just half of what my car will take. The only time I use up my gas is when I have to take my son back to his father's, across town, and it looks like I'll be filling half way again next week as I have him again this weekend.

    Have been noticing the prices going up every week on items that held steady for a long daughter called me yesterday and said eating healthy cost her $190 and that's just for a few days worth of food for 5!!

    Hope you had a restful night and full of your vim and vigor today. Have a great weekend.


  7. Nothing like a child to perk things up. Hope you are more rested today. If not, lie down and dream of some fun artwork! That's what I do when I'm tired, but don't want to take a nap.