Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday ...continued adventures...

I arrived at the studio to greet two wonderful musicians Sue and Dana White. They were visiting Newark to check out their stages on April 6 at Newark Catholic High School and St. Francis Elementary ... on their Lenten Tour. I am hoping to attend one of performances and we ended up having lunch with Ken and catching up on the weekend's events. I really want them to come back and attend a performance at our theater...The Midland! These two delightful individuals also play at the church of the Resurrection ... Erin and Chance's parish and community. Part of our extended family connected by living in the ARTS!

When they left Ken went off to try to play a little golf before the rains arrive... and I had a wonderful surprise appearance of 8 year old who just loves the Arts! We worked on a collage monkey in handmade papers in a beautiful blue with bright green jungle background. I really admire her boldness and courage as she made her brushstrokes and applied her torn pieces of paper in precisely the right spot. I think we will see her again...what a delightful child. When her brother Gabe and little sister Nora arrived with her Grandma they were all pleased o see what had developed! Great job Reece! I hope to see you soon.

Ben's mother and grandmother stopped by and told me how much he was looking forward to next Saturday for our second session. I have already gotten four different lessons or experiments for adding textures and sub structures in their paintings. I am so blessed to have these young spirits enter my life. After everyone had left I worked on small postcard collages...thanks to Corrine's inspirations...and a large collage background just for pure clean FUN! It was invigorating to make such playful works at the end of the day!

I arrived home to see that a miracle is very close to daffodils are almost opened! I will work on my next little Inchie ....winged... as I watch a little TV to unwind from a very busy day. I am working on a class for a Mother's Group in May for 2-3-4-5 year mind is racing with fun and simple projects...if you have anything that you have tried before ...drop me a line! I hope you enjoy my students Ben and Reece...the future is bright when I work with the young brave artists! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

More photos from Ben's painting...
The worm moon ...fullest moon in 18 years...
The Blue and Brown wedding reception in the central gallery.....
Reece and her family dropping by for her collage class...
Daffodils ...
More Bronzeville photos from Friday field trip
Todd and Melinda Kamp with their beautiful son....
Thank you for everything!!!!


  1. Looks like spring has arrived where you are. YEA! Yes, the full moon was beautiful wasn't it. I had some friends over that night and we were just in awe. Always enjoy your posts.

  2. So many sweet smiling faces and creativity.
    Lovely capture of the super moon too!
    Happy Springtime to you and yours!

  3. Beautiful photos, happy face, one heck of a monkey (!!!) and a good time all around!
    You are lucky to be able to work out where you have the ability to teach and work with kids~~~passing so much joy on, you know!


  4. I want to soak in the absorbed expressions on those childrens faces when they create. It's the
    place I look for while making. This is how we
    make the world better-one child/person at a time.