Sunday, March 13, 2011

March madness has arrived in our house...

March madness has arrived in our house...the televisions were all on the the sports channel and the phone keeps ringing with observations and just plain March madness dialogue and bull---- predictions. It is a yearly ritual for the whole family to pick up their favorite teams and place their silly bets. And this is the only the beginning of the frolicking :O).

I have had a quiet day and we are settling in to catch up on household duties and pajamas for relaxation...I am wearing my Ohio State Buckeye shirt! I stopped by the girls after work yesterday and took some fun pictures of them teaching Hannah how to ride a two wheeler bike. Hannah was just fine until she realized they had let go of her...the whole time Mr. Domino was running and circling around the three sisters . This all took me back to when my girls were learning to ride a bike and we had Misha watching over them. The sun was peeking out and the air was still crisp but Spring is definitely in the air for all of us. I found some crocuses blooming and small yellow flowers...I am not sure what they really our main post office downtown. I had to stop the car and get out and take a photo...Spring is just around the corner.

I finished my tiny Inchie on time..."endless" and will take my final photograph ready for tomorrow. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend. Go Bucks!!! Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I am the only, and I do mean ONLY person in Indiana that just does not *get* March Madness....LOL!!! And it's okay as I have more time for studio or messes! ;-) mostly the latter.
    LOVE that mound of the purple crocus and the few stray yellow ones! Make me feel like we might survive this crazy winter after all!


  2. Wisconsin is IN. Watched the selection process last night, too. If there is anything blooming around here it's still covered in snow. Although, warmer temperatures this week should take care of most of this white stuff.

  3. I see several symbols of "endless" on your very interesting inchie full of sense - thank you for commenting mine - never mind that you don't know German so many people know !
    Beautiful blog and beautiful family

  4. I am sorry - I made a mistake - it should read "never mind that you don't know German. So many people know English and are happy to use it....."
    My netbook makes funny things and I am very fast in writing.