Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a busy day in people reconnecting in the studio....

Hey Hayley!!!... you have made an impression on several art patrons and one in particular would like you to paint in your jellyfish style but in different colors for her home. Are are interested? I have her connecting information so give it some thought and give me a call.

The next visitors were my gentlemen investors who come down to the Grill for a monthly luncheon meeting. Bill McConnell is a great art patron who supports a wonderful school for young artists in Granville ...the GVAS with incredible opportunities for the young master s willing to make their sacred marks. They came into the studio and gave Hayley praise and encouragement to follow her Dreams. Anna Sudar's article in our Advocate has really promoted the studio location and shared Hayley's brushstrokes with all in the community here in Licking county.

Laura from Dawes Arboretum came in for a quick lunch at the Grill and checked in with how things were developing in my world and we shared some ideas about future projects to put into action. She;... Laura creates one of a kind wedding invitations for clients who would like to give not only an invitation but a memory work of art to all family and guests. I will promote her side business for her here in the studio...every now and then someone walks in with a need for a one of kind handworked paper art.!! Laura is also a fabulous photographer and shares her visions in the Dawes Arboretum Nutshell publication. She and Jason have become the proud parents of a beautiful little girl who has just learned to look out world she will be exploring and documenting her new world real soon with fingerpaints and broad brushstrokes.

I began my work on my second mannequin collage ...I found her in the trash on the way home yesterday... and she has an attitude in her posture. Marilyn Stocker came in and said we may need to offer a special exhibit to introduce all our favorite mannequins to each other. Marilyn is my role model...she taught art in school for over 30 years and has not stopped creating since her retirement. She is active in the local Licking County Players and works every week to provide professional watercolor instructions every Thursday over at the LCA space on Third Street. Marilyn you Rock!!!

I have been invited to participate in an exhibit up in a new gallery space in Mount Vernon in association with the Nazarene College. A couple of teachers and artists came down to discuss these possibilities and then we discussed my altered clothing designs and projects with another exhibit that may be happening. It has been an incredible week but on Friday there is a special opening of Don Boyd's Cowboy Exhibit and if Ken and I are not too tired we might check it out. I can not make any promises about how long my energy will hold up. :O)

Saturday Don and Betty will marry in their church and on Sunday we will celebrate with a special brunch. Then I wish to run home and rest so we can attend the Bluegrass Barbecue and Fireworks final summer extravagance. The Newark Granville Symphony will perform late in the afternoon and if we can make it the fireworks begin at dusk! Sounds like a perfect opportunity to photograph our community and families doing what is best done in the last Summer days... playing on the green hillside and drinking in nature's joys.

Two more special friends stopped by and we made plans to have lunch together soon and we talk about the two sisters coming together for their photography exhibit. After they left i continued my work in a quiet peace on my collage project and before I knew it it was after 5:00pm. I then rushed over to get my hair cut...I am hoping to renew my license tomorrow and even if it is bad I promise to post the image of 60! I am still here! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. This looks like such a wonderful place to hang out! I do hope I can get up there sometime.

  2. I agree. It sounds and looks like fun :)

  3. I can't wait to come to your Studio! I wish I lived closer for I would love to work with you!

  4. You are always welcome in my heart is sometimes noisy during the lunch hour and my favorite time is afternoons where I work in total peace and solitude. I put on my music and just get lost in the moment! Imagine Peace and let me know when you are in the neighborhood! You are so loved! I am off to get a new new license...yikes! Love you all, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. How on EARTH do you keep finding these amazing mannequins???? I am so jealous! LOL! I love Haley's jellyfish piece! That is really quite something!

  6. How wonderful for Hayley to get a commission from her gallery showing. WAY TO GO. Sounds like you are lining up a busy fall for yourself. :)Bea