Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did you ever have a day?....

I was sidetracked by the gossamer webs glistening in the early morning sunlight...I sat mesmerized watching as if I expected a miracle like a fairy dancing just for me in the theater of autumnal colors. My cup of warm coffee warmed my hands as I sat in my pajamas on the back deck ...just like I had all the time in the world. Before I knew it time had passed ...but the birds were still conversing with the squirrels scampering to collect their precious harvest of dropping acorns. I rushed through my shower and threw on a soft pair of black corduroy jeans..officially it is Fall in my house. I was greeted by two dear young professionals who were once young artists a few years back... and today they are teaching in the digital and photographic courses for Central Ohio Technical College. Michael Coronado and Aimee helped me gather my "stuff" in the car to continue the move into my studio! We quickly attempted to catch up but made plans to come back later for an official cup of hot tea or coffee and share our lives once more!

The gallery was hopping and I rarely got a chance to sit down. I had a phone conference call with a product representative for some possible ideas for the holidays that are quickly approaching. I have already made arrangements to sell handmade goat milk soaps from one of my blog post sisters. I know my public will love them! I expressed the need to support the local artists in my area and I only wanted American produced products our artists here at home in America. Art and Irma Perry made a wonderful surprise visit and we planned to get together for an exhibit when they return from their winter stay in the warmth of Florida's sunshine. In their 80's they are exuberant in their love and support of one an others art journey. I always feel better when I am around these positive people who are living their dreams out loud. I share the Paper Moon video about 20 times today...we could be real busy real soon! Later I ended my day with the B52's CD and rushed home to get to get to the grocery before dark. Well I did not get my canvas readied but there is always tomorrow.... I think we have worked our where I will be painting for the fund raiser...Lord help me ...but this could and should be fun for me and the art patrons. I will keep you posted! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Your life is so full, but still some time to hang out in your pj's, that's a good thing. xox Corrine