Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An iced tea for Tuesday in Whispers and Echoes...

I really did not get too much work done today... but we did have a wonderful group of fabulous ladies stop by for my Tea for Tuesday. We had a chance to share an exhibit that is honoring one of our Licking County artist...Chris Land. Franklin Conservatory has an exhibit "Savage Gardens" inspired by plant eating plants and their environment in numerous technical mediums. Chris creates her images in her hand felted wool and had two works accepted. This is an exhibit where the artist is actually compensated with monetary means for sharing their works. Are you all listening???? This is the way it should be ...help the artists make an honest living making their creative visions. Selling work is one way but this show offers another reward to working. Vicki Noble brought in two special ladies to see the studio and we shared different stories about how to plan an effective kitchen space to ease feeding a large group without wearing out the volunteers at the church. Ken came with his class for a field trip and quickly made the rounds and picked up his lunch and headed back over to the Works. I went over to photograph the visiting glass artist demonstrating her Venetian goblets and vases. The students were mesmerized by her details for near perfection.

I went back to my space and had three more surprise visits by Gail and her daughter Sherry ...who just came in fro a long drive from Colorado! They give me unlimited support and encouragement when I hedge about making the rent...smile. The an attorney/painter came back to share a pamphlet of his works that he has exhibited over in Columbus. In the end he has created a Marquette for a large 6 foot painting of a homeless man...the emotional response flooded into my heart ...I felt so honored to have him share his newest sacred marks.

Today my Maya Rose celebrates her 11th birthday! How did the time fly by so fast? I still remember kissing her mother Tina Marie on her forehead after the delivery...my baby girl having a baby girl. Maya Rose was in the incubator stretched out and I felt her first breath as she entered this earthly world. What a miracle whenever a new baby is born to our family. I am so aware of this miracle...maybe because I could not carry a baby to term and have grieved for so many years...Lupus makes pregnancy very difficult. Now I realize even more how adoption has given me a second chance...they were not born inside of my body but born in my heart. Happy Birthday dear Maya Rose ...you are a eternal light in my heart. Today I asked Maya if she is interested in being my assistant on Saturdays in the studio? She is very excited and so am I! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. Happy Birthday Maya Rose! Eleven is a wonderous age. Your studio space sounds like "if you build it they will come". You always seem to have wonderful people popping in to visit with you. Such great energy they bring to your space. :)Bea