Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank you Donna...

I did something rather rash when I posted my license on my blog recently...I just did not think past my nose. Donna sent me an email and we removed it so now I will learn to block out the pertinent data that could be used in a dastardly manner. Thank you so much sacred sister Donna... I am learning with each new day but sometimes I really do not think it through.

Today was a glorious day and the weather felt like Autumn was dancing into my landscape. I sat with my cup of coffee and gazed for what seemed to be an hour but really wasn't...the gift of having my deer fawns grazing outside my kitchen window. The grace of their movement, the soft pastel colors in their dappled fur...I probably should have tried to get a photo but if I opened the back door I might have broken the trust they feel in my hillside. They are so peacefully quiet creatures and even though there is a deer over population here in our county I never grow weary of living side by side with these ancient reminders of a time gone by. Momma deer was very nearby but she was born here also and seems to know when we open the door we mean her no harm.

I have continued my sorting of holiday art materials to move downtown to my studio...before I knew it I had packed four more containers... hopefully I will be able to have a better handle on my placements and organization now...I can work and leave it to dry or further contemplation without infringing on our living space here at the dining room table or on the couch in the man cave downstairs.

We had a wonderful tomato, baked chicken with Munster cheese on a whole grain toast for our dinner tonight and I relished the freshness of a home grown tomato... ripened to perfection. Thank you Erin and Chance for sharing your bountiful Harvest with Grandma and Grandpa! Tomorrow we will attend a wedding reception brunch for the newly weds ...who are 85 years young! How is that for optimism? Then if the weather continues to be glorious we will attend the Bluegrass festivities down at Dawes Arboretum..the perfect ending to our summer season. I feel as if I am living in a state of Grace... moments of quiet contentment. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. You are so welcome, my sweet friend. What a beautiful photograph of you with that beautiful baby, too! Hope the rest of your weekend is just wonderful. Dinner with the fresh tomatoes sounds delicious.

  2. I wondered where the photo was, glad you took it down though, too many not nice people out there today who would take advantage. Your dinners always sound so good. Sweet baby, what more could we want in life. xox Corrine

  3. Probably a good idea, although in today's day and age I suspect that there is information out there that if somebody wanted it they could find it. I try to remember not to post to much that makes for easy pickin's.
    Today, I felt enough energy to tackle my laundry room and the hall closet where I store those things called cleaning supplies. Who knew it would take me all day to get it sorted out and organized. I guess I've let it go all summer and now it's come back to say CLEAN ME UP!
    It's done. I'm going to have my dark beer and some cheese with Zeus and enjoy the dinner that Mary and Riley are cooking. LIFE IS WONDERFUL isn't it? :)Bea

  4. Having moved from NJ to NY I sure do miss those Jersey tomatoes. Just not the same as getting the fresh from the garden variety. Your dinner sounds delicious!!

  5. OH Mary Helen! I'm so happy to see all the wondrous activity going on in your new studio! It's the perfect place for you! Congratulations, big time, for making the huge effort to create this space for yourself. You and Kenny are really on an amazing path, giving so much back to the world in everything you do! I love you, Susi