Monday, September 27, 2010

A circle of friendship and inspiration...

I had lunch with the Newark Kiwanis this afternoon and found myself admiring their sense of commitment to building a loving community. I was absolutely thrilled to break bread with them and an old dear friend Doug Barrett provided the lunch with hamburgers, baked beans , salads and multiple dessert pies to tempt the diners. They inducted three new members and made plans for further community projects that will finance the multiple needs for children. The room radiated with a sense of pride...something quite contagious and empowering. I was invited to share my work as an artist but totally forgot to share some pertinent information about my paper Moon collaboration on October 23, 2010...the same day The Works is hosting their 2010 Harvest Festival ...pumpkins, games, demonstrations, music and multiple surprises to delight the child in all our hearts.

I left after my talk and prayed my audience walked away with the appreciation for maintaining the Arts and making them available for everyone. Susie Shie and Jimmy Acord were visiting Newark to select a new puppy ...a labadoodle that they will come back to pick up in about 11 days. Tomorrow is Susie's birthday and we had a glorious chocolate chip cookie to celebrate our big 60! My birthday just keeps rolling along...whoopee! They had a quick bite to eat and headed back home filled with glee about the new family member that they will share their artistic endeavors with in their pet friendly home.

I attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting tonight about the 2011 trip to China in April. I have a room mate so that would save me some money but it will mean I need to sell a lot of art in the next 6 months. It looks like a great trip and I will have to consider all the pros and cons ...I know I would really enjoy the 7 day trip into another diverse culture. Wish me luck! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. How fabulous!I so admire Susan also!I really need to come visit you!

  2. That sounds like it was wonderful!

  3. Sounds like a great opportunity!

  4. You are so good about connecting with the community ... artists and all!
    A trip to China sounds like a dream and you've made dreams come true before :)