Monday, September 6, 2010

"I am the son of the Groom" and Happy Birthday to me!

We attended a dear friends wedding brunch...they are 85 years old and just joyfully living their lives to the fullest!!! I am praying to live my days filled with love and celebration with those I love just like Betty and Don! The greatest toast was given by his son and grandson..."I am the son the of the Groom and I am the grandson of the Groom!" The room was glowing with radiance and appreciation for the loving commitment these two have shared with one another. I took many photos and Ken put together a video that afternoon to send a video home to John and Irene's home in Houston. Families uniting to reaffirm this special union of love that can happen at any time in our lives...85 is just a number! "Love is patient...Love is kind... Love is Now!"

Today I celebrated my 60th with so many echoes from my past six decades and I realize how blessed I have been to have received so much love...sometimes when I deserved it the least. We spent the day over at Erin's house to help her with the children...Chance is putting in a 24 hour shift in Vascular surgery. I am so proud of their commitment to their family and seeing this newest baby slide into a circle of loving arms is a true blessing for us all. Erin is tired to be sure but she is performing an awesome job as a new mother. We watched part of the Lion King II and then went for a walk down to the pond for some sunshine and some exploration with grandpa. We snacked on chips and guacamole ...a real treat for Cole and Morgan... I had made barbecue pork and we had Cole slaw and fresh tomatoes with basil and mozzarella cheese ...but dessert was your choice of carrot cake muffins and iced dinosaur cookies and ice cream. Life really does not get any better that this! I will post a few photos of our Labor day escapades and thank all of you for your support and love as I enter a new decade! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Happy Happy Birthday/month dear Mary Helen!
    Sounds like you had a very special time!
    Eighty-five starts sounding not as hold as we advance in age, doesn't it ;)
    Enjoy Enjoy your sweet life!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY HELEN!!! What a great way to spend your birthday...with your family. The new little member is just adorable as is the other kiddos. Reading this makes me long for my 4 little guys, but I'll be visiting Austin next month and spend a bit of time with them.

    Again, Happy B-day and "just keep on truckin'"...opps, really dating myself...oh well, at this point, there is no point!! LOL


  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are all so blessed to have met truly enrich the live so many as we see on your blog, and even touch those of us who have not gotten a chance to meet you yet in person!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! That is exciting! And it sounds like you got to celebrate another exciting landmark with others, as well!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday to You, dear friend. It sounds like it was a full and exciting day. My Love to you, oh and that new babe is just the frosting on the cake of life! Lennie