Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tea for Tuesdays...was hot coffee...

The cold damp rain made my body not want to move this morning... so hot hot coffee filled the cup to the brim and helped me clear my brain. I met with a couple of the gallery directors this morning to discuss the possibility of printing a map of the local studios and galleries with a quarterly list of the exhibitions and art events for the art walks . One unified approach to demonstrate a unified approach to making the Arts available for families and patrons in our community. The more we work together the better for all concerned. The more we have to offer is evidence that there are working and making a viable living here in Licking County. No one succeeds alone.

Erin Elizabet brought the three children over to Newark..The Works...her first trip out with all the children since the arrival of baby Lyndon Allen five weeks ago. The sun came out in as they walked in inside my heart...we all had packed our lunch so we shared a delightful lunch with each other and then I shared the new studio space with them all. Erin looks great but as you know a little sleep would be appreciated. I took Cole and Morgan over to the Interurban Train and then went into the lab spaces for the children in the Works. We played ...well they explored one activity after another while I tried to keep up in two separate directions. It may have been a gray day for the rest of the world but when you are with two happy little children they are no clouds in the sky! When I came back Erin had nursed Lyndon and hopefully got a wee bit of quiet rest in my small 8 by 10 studio office on the soft futon. I love my small place where I can retreat and take a moment to breathe deeply but now to be able to share this with my daughter makes it all the more sacred.

I needed to get a easel for Saturday...did I mention I would be demonstrating "painting Venice" for the night long fund raiser for The Works. I have volunteered for everyone since I have been here and even though Howard LeFevre is gone from this earthly world...his spirit lives on in each and everyone of us when we make a contribution to the legacy Howard left for our community. I am still working on my composition and will gesso my canvas tomorrow. I will work in acrylics and possibly have special papers in the assemblage... process process process. I have never painted in front of a party situation but I am game...Marcia asked me to help and here I go! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Cole is 3 1/2...Morgan is 1....and Lyndon is 5 weeks old. The handsome young man is Garrett who was once a student upstairs...now he is teaching upstairs at COTC. Erin is such a great mother...even if we are related ...she does a fabulous job making a home and raising some pretty beautiful children with Dr. Chance!!!

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  1. I was listening to an interview with another artist who paints in public last week. It sounded intriguing. I will be interested in how it goes.