Thursday, September 9, 2010

I being on a college campus....

I am not a morning person normally but a dear friend that I truly trust told me about a limited exhibit...for only three weeks...of works created in several mediums by a 78 year old cancer survivor. Hedda is totally my hero for Today! I will share some of here images in this post but unfortunately I forgot her artist statement at my studio so I will do my best to honor her sacred marks in her etchings, drawings, prints and mono-prints and ceramics. Please click on the photo to see how intricate some of her marks are and the delicate balance of message and image. Thank you Maria for enabling me to see this woman's journey in person and to visit the Seniors double deck studio space...I felt the hairs stand up on my arms when I walked into the room. I met a double major Biology and Art senior and she quickly described her relativity between the two passions in her life. I plan to go back to visit her during the semester...I felt myself being drawn to the classroom energies and youthful optimism.

I rushed to the studio to meet with the wonderful sculptor for the next exhibit and met with Oro Ray King. As soon as I saw him I realized I had met him back in an exhibit in 1987 at Ohio State University with my Adena Hopewell prints and his wonderful historical sculptures of our indigenous prehistoric tribes. His new works in his portfolio are incredible and I shared them with two community members who are fast patrons for the Arts in Licking county. Dalale also stopped by and we had a quick chat...and she shared the space she was wanting to rent is already promised to another artist 's studio. Breathe and know there will be another space on the square available when the time is right for the muses to begin their journey.

Yes... I unpacked another box of sketch pads and watercolor papers and arranged the merchandise that is for sale for tomorrow's last courtyard noon concert. We usually get a great crowd on these special days and the Grill offers a $5.00 lunch for patrons to come by and relax with a free concert on the green grass in the courtyard. ken came down and hung three more pieces for me in my office and I feel more at home and can actually sit down or lay down on my soft futon. I have to remember to retrieve my Tim Holtz alcohol inks to add a color design element to my metal letters and words on my sewing machine. Do I dare work to completion and have my little three-D signage. Have a great evening. I have work to do :O)! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Busy, busy, busy, you are. I'm glad you have a place to take a little rest some days. A recharging place! Sounds like some exciting projects ahead. I can't wait to see the pictures. :)Bea