Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I totally forgot it was Tea for Tuesday...

I began the day running and forgot it was Tuesday and Tea Day ...even though at 90 degrees I drank a 32 large McDonald's unsweetened iced tea. Several old friends stopped by...Jeff Carr thinks I need a couple bonsai trees in my front window...Susan Frankenberry came in with her husband and is now painting large murals... Kathleen Kinney brought down two new clients to see the studio and introduce me to a new student Amber...welcome to you all young and young at heart. I worked on a few small projects but I did not take any photos to really note. I left a little early to attend my board meeting and then headed out to the Circle mounds to participate in the blessing of the new tree sculpture created by Bill Shippen. The circle in the prayer service had about 150 and the burning of the sage ...smudging... and the blessings shared made it a special moment in my heart. Now I am working on schedule for tomorrow and the B52's at the Midland. I want to dye my hair pink...well maybe some pink streaks :O)! I have transferred some photos and am finishing my Grounds for Wellness donation and a special assemblage for a young man who became a father about a week ago but is headed back to Afghanistan on Thursday to complete his duty. Hopefully I will be able to complete it tomorrow so he can see it before he heads back to duty. I hope you enjoy the images from my day! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

The Bear theme seem to run through my day...Bill Shippen carved this 15 foot maple tree trunk that was leftover from the Hurricane Ike winds that took down over 200 trees...this artist made this tribute to the Adena and Hopewell Indians from a broken tree spirit. The community has been witnessing his sacred carvings for the last couple of weeks and it is easily see from Route 79 here in Licking county.


  1. I love the tree carving! My husband was really tempted to to hire an artist when we lost our special tree this past spring.

  2. Love the bear theme for your T Tuesday!
    to create something beautiful and lasting out of wreckage certainly is wonderful!
    Pink hair sounds fab! Have Fun!
    Happy Last Day of Summer

  3. I stopped in a little salon, in the mall, yesterday because they had these cool dyed braided hair clips you could just add to your hair. I debated between the pink and the purple and then thought I needed to give it more think. :)Bea

  4. happy bears all around! yes happy T day!

  5. Wonderful bear. Sounds like you have a fantastic community around you.
    How lovely. xox Corrine