Sunday, September 12, 2010

at peace...restful breathing in the sunshine...

I have spent my day being still. I have the laundry soaking in the washer and the dinner menu is really simple ..scallops, baked sweet yams, fresh green salad and a light herbal tea. The summer is really disappearing in front of my eyes...and the quiet breezes seem to murmur that I need to relish this moment in standing still. I am a wee bit envious of all my energetic blog mates but there is a time when I have to reposition my day's activities and slow down the roar around me. I have threads to work with and the slow cloth process seems to meditate a new rhythm in my body's being. I am still torn about the hate messages we are bombarded by the news media and rested with the HBO special "My Trip to Al-Qaeda". Suddenly I realize that for many generations an evil force that values death more than life is too much for me to or ever. I can send healing affirmations and prayers to protect and guard the men and women who are serving in these extremely dangerous parts of the earth. I can still see Jonathon standing in the sunshine on Friday with his beloved wife and new baby boy Jack...Please send him home safely to his family and all who love him.

I picked up the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine with the 2010-2011 Gifts! It is full of simple small projects to begin now to have on hand for "Soul of the Season" for November and December. I need to find which box I put my alcohol inks into so I can add another to the metal pieces I have been toying with making in the next couple of weeks. It is a revised and refreshed version of ideas we already know about but somehow even the ads have a way of helping me retrieve my materials and to start playing once again. You might want to check this out for "play dates" with others...a group activity is always more fun when you are just exploring and playing once again. My friend...the honeymooner is trying to clean up his studio for tomorrow's Monday Night Talks in their home so I need to Help Betty to understand that process is just as important as the final project. :O) I am still working on this concept with Mr. Ken. The studio is really helping this at home situation. He is taking a class over the Internet for his Gifted program...I am never sure how these classes really operate...I am such a people person and learn just as much from the other participants in the classroom. Well I better go and get dinner started ...Ken is moving around in the kitchen for something to eat and I don't want him to ruin his appetite. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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  1. A lovely and thoughtful post. I find myself feeling peaceful and then the news or the internet news pops up in my face and the anxiety begins again. We do live in very "informative" times and I feel that it does play a role in how we overview life. So glad to see you enjoying art and projects which I think give us light and good expression. Blogging can also be a very positve way to give out good wishes and compliments- it is amazing the effect it can have. Thank you again for your visit and lovely comments on my blog!