Friday, September 3, 2010

Jingle this one is for you....

I said I would share the new license with the new and not so good photo image in a future post here we go! There are jobs out there ...I arrived at 9:45 am and left at 11:15 am. There were eight state employees that dwindled down to only three actually processing the paperwork of licenses and car plates. I am not sure where they disappeared to in the back room but slowly one by one five employees went back to the Twilight zone never to return to the front of the desk to assist the 50 or so patient clients trying to follow the letter of the law and get their renewal on time . By the time I arrived to the front of the line I was ready to just get out.... the clerk was so nice and I even passed my vision test when I had doubts myself about my eyesight. I asked her if I could keep my old license for a future art project but the state needs to collect them for ..well laughs probably :O). We then rushed through the paperwork and she flashed the camera and tah dah I am in a pink flow with my hair down this time. If you believe this is my real weight I have some premium swamp land to sell you in is my passive aggression showing her pink face...the government lies to us and I ...stretch the truth to fit my own reality!

The gallery was hopping today and I began working on my three -D sewing machine with metal letters and embellishments to spell out "Whispers and Echoes Studio" for further bead work for a unique name plate. I am scheduled to give a short talk to the local Kiwanis organization in a couple of weeks and two Realtors came in to check out Hayley's painting exhibit. Two artists friends stopped by at the end of the day and shared the beautiful sunshine flowing into the studio windows. They have both been on vacation in Michigan and looked so relaxed and healthy. The circle of friends in my heart is another energy source for my heart's journey. I am going to host my first Tea for Tuesdays next week at noon so I am busy collecting an assortment of herbal teas to delight the individual taste buds of all my visitors. I have three guest confirmed so this will hopefully begin a weekly ritual of community.

I have had a busy day and Ken and I both celebrated the end of our first week in our new journeys... with the Happy Family Chinese dinner with shrimp, chicken, beef, pork and delightful vegetables steamed over fried rice. Yum Yum! I hope you all have had a wonderful week...several people have told me that I am looking happy this last week. What is not to be happy about... my life is full of bright white light. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Mary Helen:
    Sending you an email. Hope you get it. Great photo on your license, girlfriend!

  2. This 3-d sewing machine is so cool. Can't wait to see it completed. What a novel idea...xox corrine