Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tea for Tuesdays...iced Raspberry diet tea with plenty of ice...

I have spent the day in the studio and worked on my first month's income and sales....I am one quarter short for the next month's rent. I am so grateful to all who have come in to support me and the hugs just keep on coming. I put up the new labels by Hayley's paintings and the article is still bringing new visitors in to see her works. I also had an antique oak bar from a lawyer's receiving room...martini time was a vital ritual in their daily schedule... and even though it needs some sanding and a new finish topcoat ...I think it is beautiful with all it's rustic historical presence. I worked on my beginnings for a collage for a cancer fund raiser but alas I did not get too far in the process...several patrons came in to pick up their books and see the studio space and to catch up on all the latest excitement. I am totally amazed at how quickly this month flew by...my next month I am hoping to get more time to create my own works...I am itching to work on a the canvas I need to gesso. Somehow when you apply the gesso it makes me feel as if I am on my way...one step at a time.

Ken has a long day tomorrow with open house for the parents so tonight we headed for our little favorite Ruby Tuesday to just collapse and relax with one another. I then headed over to pick up Ken's medications and finish the grocery shopping before the weekend...it is a holiday so everyone will want to Grill just one more time. The weather is supposed to be great...we have two 85 year old friends getting married on Saturday with a Sunday morning brunch at the Country Club to celebrate. In the afternoon Dawes Arboretum has their Bluegrass and Barbecue
all day festival...I am hoping Ken and I can get down there and enjoy the music and special treats from the grills in our town . The symphony is also playing later in the afternoon with fireworks at dusk. It is becoming a special way to enjoy Nature and the Arts and close down the summer of 2010 here in Licking County. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Time to get a new license...Yikes


  1. YOu have a short summer up there compared to us here in the south. Enjoy!

  2. Loved seeing your driving llicense! What fun! Our days are sure getting shorter, but otherwise we still have some summer left; however, the flowers are beginnig to fade and I notice that the mums are coming out in the stores so Fall is a comin'! and it's back to school time for families once again. Take care, Lennie

  3. How did you manage to get such a fabulous license photo? i don't think that is fair, quite frankly! HA! Is the new one just as good? I see the one you posted has expired. Your manican parts look amazing! I really love what you did with them!

  4. You do look marvelous on your license Lady!
    They do not let us smile here in VA, black and white mug shots ... it's not pretty heehee!
    Sending all good wishes your way!