Tuesday, January 10, 2012

tea for Tuesdays ...iced tea in the sunshine

I have had a very busy day and wonderful surprises with visits to the studio. I began with a visit from two year old Cooper who wanted to draw with the Art lady! He is just fascinated with his left to right and then right to left hand mark making! I am encouraging him to work on the paper and not Mommy's walls. Then Chris Lang came in to give me a very special gift... a monkey puppet made by her mother years ago when her children were small! my favorite saying ...years ago I adopted this attitude.... Embrace your inner monkey! Whenever I am in a tough spot health wise this quote from Father Larry has saved the day for me. I know this will come in very handy in the near future as I entertain my grandchildren in the studio soon! Thank you Chris for sharing this joyful little creature with me and my future visitors.

We walked over the the gallery at The Works to check on the installation of the "Off the Wall" exhibit that opens this Friday. Unfortunately nothing is happening yet....so I will have to check back later to capture some individual photos to share for some unusual inspirations. I did include some of the central gallery exhibit quilts made by Tammy P. Wallace. She is an artist I met about five months ago and is living in Delaware county. Her daughter is a geological student from Wooster College in Ohio. I also took some photos of Larry Tuber's newest glass creations in The Works Gift Shop...today was a sunny day so the glass just sparkled in the light. Beautiful works Larry...you are rocking the glass studio.

I returned to my studio to make some new cards for birthdays and such. Tomorrow I am making some sympathy cards ...a quiet, peaceful selection for those who have lost a loved one. The winter has been a cruel loss of loved ones and the families trying to regain a steady footing. I collected some special pink papers for my valentines party next Tuesday...we are making special cards for the shut-ins in a couple nursing homes. I want to make some funny and sweet little memories to share a moment from the past loves in their lives...I may never meet them but it does not matter. Tuesday night we will have a picnic with boxed lunches and play like we were back in the fifth grade! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. o i adore any kind of puppet, lucky you! sounds like a very busy day!! ( i love the idea of embracing your inner monkey...there is something called monkey brain too! that is totally me...) happy tuesday, MH

  2. Interesting that you picked up on this monkey brain. I have had three brain procedures due to aneurysms so I totally relate the loving the monkeys who have come before me and helped me live today. Embrace your inner monkey!!! Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. You just reminded me Valentines Day is getting closer. All lovely cards.
    Yes, embrace your inner monkey. That's great. ;)