Monday, January 23, 2012

A blue Monday...embrace the light breaking through the grays....

We have had a roller coaster day of colors in the sky around here today. Maybe my body was reacting to the loss of a friend but the grays in the sky were heavy like a woolen blanket on my heart. When I began my drive into the studio I looked up to see a white light breaking through the dense gray sky and shining down on my face. The warmth of the sunlight seemed to open my spirit and free me to embrace the day. When I arrived the sky was open to the possibility of clear blue skies.

When I carried my "stuff" into the studio my ears heard a sweet curious youthful voice call out my name ...Mary? I turned to see my two year old boyfriend Cooper as he ran and jumped into my arms. Am I lucky or what? I held him for quite awhile...I am not sure who held on the longest...the little one or me the big one. Cooper is a white beam of light radiating pure, soft energy and a joy just to be around. We shared lunch with Nana Julie and his mommy Amber...and I know I should have been working but there are moments in our lives when we need to stand still and breathe in the joys of being young.

After they left I sat down for a quiet afternoon of making more Valentines and listening to music from the 1980's. The solitude felt just right for me and before I knew it was 4:30 and ken was calling to tell me he was already home. I made an errand to pick up two more boxes of wedding invitations and then stopped by to see my grand daughters so they could finished their Thank Yous from Christmas. They were tired from a busy day of school and just waiting for the dinner to come out of the oven. Ken and I cleaned out the refrigerator and I put the roast in for the dinner tomorrow. Now it is time to close for my day and do my time on the elliptical machine...exercise calls my tired body! I have enjoyed checking the posts from many creative minds united in making their sacred marks. I also ordered two new books from Amazon....The Illustrated life by Dan Gregory plus The Art of War by Stephen Pressfields. I think I must Amazon's best customer! Peace out! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Children are so full of life aren't they. Love the photo of your sun breaking thru the gray. I can see how it lifted your spirits. That photo would make a good art quilt, or even a painting.

  2. You are blessed. There is NOTHING like a child's hug. Hope your Tuesday is another good one.

  3. I am glad for you that your woolen gray day also had the promise of blue sky, sun breaks and great big hugs ...

  4. Tuesday was another gray day without the benefit of a break in the sunshine. But I was fortunate to have many visitors in the studio and the energy was contagious. I was invited to share my works as an artist to a local church group who have an outreach for elderly women in an assistant living home. I reapplied the gel medium one more time before the little ones come in tomorrow night. I am going up to the studio upstairs to begin machine quilting the Monkey quilt...this is faster and I think more durable for the rough and tumble play of little boys :0)! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez stewart

  5. HI Mary Helen! So glad you stopped by my blog. I haven't been here for a visit in a while. Looks like you had quite a day yesterday-playing and having fun. I also LOVE your monkey quilt. So cute!
    Peace to you!

  6. your boyfriend is adorable. me thinks you are both lucky!
    lovely valentine's and lovely that light came through the clouds for you. I am sorry for the loss of your friend. sending light...