Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday and ready for Monkey tea tomorrow....

I was driving home from the studio and was met by my favorite UPS truck ...the driver had just delivered three new paperbacks and my little monkey man Tea infuser from Amazon. The photo is not very good...the flash is not cooperating with me so I will try to take another picture tomorrow in the sunlight...yes, we are expecting the sun to come out tomorrow!!!! I feel better already...Ken went to the doctor's office this afternoon and is slowly recovering from bronchitis and probably a virus. I went in late is good to be your own boss and make the time schedules! Smile! I worked on a couple of interrupted works..."leave your fear at the door".... a collage I got distracted from with all the holiday hoopla! Then I framed a small collage for a donation for an art auction for the Welsh Schools in Granville. Its title is "The Life you have ordered has arrived!" Yes, it is small but I think it is powerful...I can only see giving small works away because I have two major commissions due this Spring. Check this image out and let me know what you think!!! I would not mind too much if the people who ask me for a donation would at least stop by and make a small paid contribution to maintaining the costs of having a public studio. Jingle this is for you...."Just saying!" The last UFO is a canvas I began the first layer of foundation for a mixed media work with a portrait of an anxious woman alone in her thoughts and worries and prayers.
I am calling "Waiting"...a portrait of a woman waiting for her husband, brother, or son or daughter to arrive home safely. The Merry Christmas illustration is from a dear artist Susie Shie who lives in Wooster, Ohio and sent this to me at the Holiday time.

Tonight we went to Bob Evans and I have enough for lunch tomorrow. I need to continue my work on the written proposal for my installation. I have about 8 good friends having their birthdays this month/week and it does not seem possible that some of these wonderful people have been with me for over three decades. I do not feel like I am getting older the the gray in my hair at the temples betrays my denial. I have three new books to peruse tonight under my quilts. Ken says he is going to work tomorrow...bronchitis ...yeah right!!!

I need to get to work now while I am still awake. I have already done my time on the elliptical
machine...yes for my fellow heart conscious artists I am still on this band wagon. No I have not done enough to lose a lot of weight...but I hate to admit it I am feeling stronger. Could Ken have been correct??? Exercise is actually good for you :0)!!! Have a wonderful week in your hopefully sunny and warm studios!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Glad to hear you guys are feeling better. Kathy and I stopped down and had lunch today and missed seeing you.
    Yep, wouldn't it be great if all the charity organizations that are constantly asking us for art donations would start doing a 50/50 split with the artists. I think they would end up getting a much better selection of work for their effort and would also be supporting the artists who also need to make a living.

  2. Tony maybe we need to sit down and put together a simple, concise artist statement to inform those asking for FREE works help support your local artist!!! I am so sorry I missed you and Kathy. I really wish Ken would take another day to rest but he says he is going in tomorrow. He is a man!!!! I spoke to Mr. Don on the phone....we cannot afford to give him or Betty any cold, virus or winter yuck! Take care and hopefully ...the sun will come out tomorrow...hey this would be a great song!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I love the collage you've done for the charity. Such fun, and I really love the title! Perfect. I'm so with you on the whole issue of donating art. I rarely do it, but am not opposed to it in general. But what I would like most of all is that the organization would give the artist the names of their collectors. But I've never seen one that was that organized.

    So glad you're feeling better!

  4. Glad to find your blog Mary Helen! I like your conversational tone. Looks like you've been super busy all month. Where is your studio!

    1. My studio is Whispers and Echoes located in downtown Newark, OHIO but I will be sharing the next five months time with the educational room at Dawes Arboretum. Visibility is so important and of course working hard every single day! I love your posts when I stay very busy also. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Lots of colds and flus going around in our corner of the world. Thankfully, my family hasn't come down with any of it so far, knock on wood. Wishing you healthy days ahead and continued creativity. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. leave your fears at the door - I love that
    so much better than, Please Wipe Your Feet