Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's renewal...

I have had a busy day...not doing what I had planned but spending the time renewing a friendship with a dear artist who has been traveling for the last three years as a pianist for a cruise line. I have always envisioned a glamorous and free spirited way of life. The reality is that it is work and a wee bit lonely living in a small quarters with a roommate you may not really know. But there are exotic places to visit and experience wonderful cultures and delicious foods. I am so happy to have had a good visit with her and will treasure every minute...she is such a talented musician and a truly loving spirit. After she left i began to hustle to remove extra boxes and leftovers that were useless ...I need to clear the large wooden table so that I can hand quilt my third Australian work. Just retrieving it from my wicker storage made me want to be able to begin my solitary process. The day was slowing disappearing from view with a brilliant pink orange melody of colors. I made some quiet progress and I need to get back in the studio early so I can make some sympathy cards for Pat's request for a special catering tomorrow. I also have to schedule the rest of the week's needed materials and be prepared for the upcoming exhibit for the "Off The Wall" Exhibit opening on Friday night.

I arrived home and had a quick dinner and answered my phone calls ..and then I attempted to begin my new physical exercise goals. I only lasted three minutes...and I will try to build up a bit at a time. No I will not be able to participate in the upcoming Olympics but hopefully my heart will begin to build up some strength. I think when I climb on the machine...well it reminds me of a huge movie transformer character. Enjoy the photo documentation of my humiliation and go out to howl at the beautiful full moon. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Yes, the blue moon is gorgeous.
    Take it slow on your exercise, you'll get there.

  2. Oh my, dear friend, seems we are both doing the exercise thing!! I joined a gym back in Oct. and behaved till I was slammed with a huge order in early Nov...they didn't see my lovely face till yesterday! LOL Like you, I'm working my way up, but on the treadmill. An old dear friend from high school wants me to take spinning classes with her, but I told her...look at those tiny seats and compare them with my buttocks...however, I was a bit more forth-coming than that last statement!! LOL I told her to give some time to work up my strength and some endurance on the treadmill and I will consider joining her this coming Spring.

    So stay in there and keep it up...I know it's difficult, but at this point in our lives, it's not about aesthetics, but health and we need to be around a bit longer!!


  3. Glad ou had time to visit with an old friend. Health, exercise, yes as I asked the superhero to move my bike down to the house with the stationary bike thingy so I could ride. Having a sprained ankle sucks, it's hard to do much and i need to do do do. Keep it up. YOu go girl. xox Corrine

  4. It's always a good feeling to reconnect. Three minutes is a great start.

  5. push, pedal, pump, BREATHE, push, pedal, pump, BREATHE and BREATHE AGAIN. It will get easier, maybe. They tell me when it gets easy I need to go faster, or futher or longer. No one is ever happy with until I sweat. sigh.......I'll be thinking of you on your equipment while you can think of me on mine. They tell me I must move it or lose it. I thought they were talking about dust bunnies. :)Bea