Wednesday, January 11, 2012

rainy day blues and soft pastel drawings...

I had an on and off day today but tonight with the visitors to the studio we made beautiful drawings exploring soft...soft pastels. Collaboration is the key to removing the uneasiness one might experience when you begin with a different new medium. My experience is that one artist is either going to love the power of soft chalk pastels...or one might hate the feeling on your fingertips. The children began sharing their experiences and gladly telling their individual stories of their own personal chalk preferences. Abby and I just sat back and enjoyed the experiments and different blending tools...a q-tip...a small brush...or better yet your finger tip. There is a communion of dialogue and acceptance of each students unique styles and preferences...after the familiarity of working together and the willingness to share their point of view or assist in teaching one another. This is the most important lesson of many that I am the proudest of. I facilitated the time, place and environment where growth and companionship are nurtured. Art truly saves lives!

The weather is changing and the snows may begin to enter our county over night. I will gather the information in the morning and take the necessary precautions on driving into the studio. I have transplanted some of my plants and still have about five more to take care of. I love having live plants in my space...there is a sense of calm and I really do believe that it makes for a more healthy environment. The plants are work in maintenance and yet they work for me ...and the simple sharing of cuttings for friends and visitors.

I have completed my evening exercise so I want to work on a couple small hand work stitches ...I need to slow my mind's racing down and meditate with slow, purposeful stitches in and out of the sandwich of colors. Whenever I begin a new quilt in the hand quilting...I realize this is my mind's escape from the day and embracing the present moment. Peace be with you all. Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Stitching as meditation. Sometimes I forget how peaceful it is.

  2. I love to see each child's creative spirit so present in your capable hands, honoring them and what they can be. xox Corrine

  3. Great post! So love the kids!
    I wanted you to know that my package to you came back yesterday as I never put the street address on it! I am away this weekend, but will post it back to you next week!