Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday in the sunshine and 45 degrees....

I slept in this morning and enjoyed CBS Sunday Morning ....the Sunday ritual in our home with coffee and warm quilts and surrounded by our loving dog and cat. Ken finished putting together our new exercise elliptical machine. Hopefully Ken is getting every thing set up and I will be able to begin a slow steady built up exercise program. Yesterday we had an exciting day...I went to the studio and then received a call that our dear Don (he is 86) had fallen and could not get up. This may be funny on a TV commercial but trust me there is nothing funny when a dear friend is compromised. Then Don and Betty told us about another friend Marie had fallen on Monday on the black ice and broke her leg in tow serious places. Somehow I count my blessings having such loving people in my life but the final years are somewhat precarious so begin each day with gratitude and as I am attempting to do put only what is good, pure and natural in our bodies. The exercise machine may be a real blessing if you can see a difference in my bone density and overall strength. I did make some improvements in my progress of reorganizing the studio but when I rushed out to check on our friend ...well people are more important than organization right now. we attended calling hours for our Bruce Baird and it was a celebration of this gentleman's life. The line of callers went out the door and around the building. God bless you Bruce and know you have made a difference in all our lives. His life recalled by former students, farmers, family, board members, educators and church members all shared their individual relationships and life stories with each other as we waited in line.

I came home and made pork and sauerkraut and pork a second meat loaf to serve with mashed potatoes ....two meals and sandwiches for our lunches. The house smelled wonderful and we both enjoyed a warm dinner with Rice Krispie Treats for dessert. Yum Yum Yum!!!

I am quilting by hand now and the peaceful rhythm is slowing my heart beat down...serenity and quiet are wonderful companions on a winter's night. The full moon is simply gorgeous and the trees are bathed in moonlight...another sign for serenity. I hope you have a wonderful week. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Sorry to hear of your friends falling and also the loss of a friend. We at our age, need to try to stay as strong as we can. I do wish I would have realized that sooner. Hard work when I was young......harder now. Be well and stay strong, Oma Linda

  2. Meditative activities like hand-quilting do indeed slow things down internally. A good thing to do in order to take good care.
    I thought the moon looked full last night too, but just learned it's actually tonight. I'll be looking again!

  3. Mary Helen, as you may know from reading my blog, we have had our ups and downs with elders this past two years, so this is close to home for us.

    That dinner made my mouth water.

    I hope this new year brings you strength and joy!