Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello and almost good night...

I came home from the studio a little early on Thursday with a feverish sweat and the beginning of temperature so I went straight to bed. To make a long story short I sleep through most of the day on Friday...we had snow, sleet and ice all day so staying home was an easy choice. Today I rested and worked on a few small projects like a baby quilt for my youngest brother's newest grandson Benjamin Charles. I also opened a couple envelopes that sent me through the roof with excitement. A month or so ago I had won a contest drawing and they will just make your mind go wild with ideas. They are works of art in themselves so I will take a moment to decide how I am going to employ these sacred gifts. Judith DeMilo Brown you have given me one of the greatest gifts...your beautiful sacred cloth. I am truly honored.

I am still under the weather a bit and I am going to exercise a short time before I take my shower...I am really trying to make this an important time in each of my days. I may move slowly but already I can feel the strength coming into my legs. I also opened a beautiful belated but just as beloved Christmas dove from my dear friend Gabriela....peace on earth to hold and cherish with each Christmas season. Then I had ordered an older book about altering books and the many avenues and variations one could experiment with. Well I apologize for missing a couple days ...but that is life. I am still here! Stay warm and I do not know about you but our weather is warming up tomorrow. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

p.s. I found this Retro Sewing book at Goodwill for $2.25...what a deal! I think this will be fun to play with some of the oldies but goodies. The price was pretty great also! Imagine and live in Peace, Art Lady!


  1. Hi Mary Helen and Thank you for stopping by...wasn't sure anyone was out there cause I haven't posted in forever.......
    Wrap up in one of your gorgeous quilts and get well (I just got over it.. whewww it was not fun! I see you too are a Goodwill Goddess!!!! Love them and I am having withdrawals down here in Mexico.....guess I better go paint!!! Thanks again!

  2. I hope you are beginning to feel better. that sounds like no fun at all.
    The baby blanket is adorable. love the colors and the monkey.
    treasures of inspiration... so fun, have fun and be well.

  3. Dear was great to find you once again and I am glad you are enjoying Mexico of my favorite places to visit. Tammie I am struggling but with each day I am feeling a bit better. I am going to try to complete the piecing for the little monkey quilt tonight...that is a big project but it is coming along well and just makes me smile. Blessings to you all, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart