Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gentle spirits on an icy and sleet night....

I worked with the little ones...or should I say they worked me tonight. I put many different papers, punches, glue sticks, stickers, borders on the work table and let the magic begin. I only asked them to make a special Valentine for someone they love ...and well that was all was needed to be said. I think the familiarity of knowing one another plus a recognized awareness of working with the design elements and art materials has made this group of young artists confident enough to work together and even share their personal assemblages. One of my youngest artists lost her beloved great grandmother last week suddenly (her grandmother was a wonderful artist) so tonight I could see how tender the other artists were in working with her. She did not want to leave....the art making and freedom to choose her own designs was a release from the loss and pain she was experiencing. So many many adjustments ...the funeral rituals... almost too much for such a small soul to comprehend. I am going to try to attend the open house reception tomorrow...if the weather allows me to get down my driveway. Somehow if I am there ...she will know how much she is appreciated and loved for her joyful abandonment she shares with us when she is making her ART! Art truly saves Lives!

I was hoping beyond belief that somehow I would get to see a physical response to the amazing solar flares erupting on the sun today. I have been mesmerized by the aurora lights ever since
I was introduced to them as a child my neighborhood we even had an astrology club. I have enjoyed the news coverage but I am sure that seeing them in real time must be a life altering experience. I captured a photo from the Internet ...but the solar flare is a miracle in itself.

Enjoy a quiet night in the safety of your home. Embrace the serenity of the quiet house. Simple gifts and simple blessings. Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Sorry I am having technical difficulty ...I can not upload today's photos....maybe it is the solar eruptions ....hehehehe!!!


  1. The solar flares got my attention too, but nothing showed up here. Now cloudy with days of rain coming. Staying in and warm!

  2. I love the puppy heart valentines, got to make me some of these. xox Corrine

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and yes I made some more puppy Valentines for the shut-ins in an assisted home center here in Newark. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart