Saturday, January 14, 2012

I love an accoustic performance...

The weather is frigid here but the theater was filled with warm hearted people to celebrate the courageous songwriter and performer Richard Marx. His debut "Don't mean nothing" and self-titled debut album kicked off his solo career in 1987. his talented guitar and piano performance plus total interaction with the audience made this a memorable evening on a Saturday night here in Licking county. As a volunteer I was assigned to his merchandise ...a CD package with another CD and a DVD for $15.00 plus one could but one with his signature for $20.00. He had two sizes of his tee shirts small and extra large...we sold out of all but 4 tees at the end of the night. He also had two photo shots that were signed for $10.00 each and three lithographs of his handwritten song lyrics and personally signed. Yes, it was hectic after the show when supplies became scarce but I do think everyone who attended tonight enjoyed their evening at the Midland Theater. Richard has worked with Barbra Streisand, Jeff Groban, Vince Gill, Luther Vandross, Kenny Rodgers ,NSYNC, and She Daisy. Lately he has collaborated with Leann Rimes, Travis Tritt, Daughtry, Emerson Drive , Paulina Rubino, Kenny Loggins, Michael Bolton, Hugh Jackman and last summer with Keith Urban. He has explained working as a songwriter has kept him fresh and current instead of touring piano bars and small venues. I have to agree this was a totally enjoyable night with memories from the last 25 years flowing in my heart. It is funny how hearing songs from decades ago can trigger personal journeys and relationships we hold dear in our hearts. Live music in an intimate theater is so good for the soul! Peace and Happy Birthday to Miss Morgan Elizabeth tomorrow you are 3!!!!! Snuggle down tonight with someone you love!!! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. I love Richard Marx. I have always considered the 80's as "the black hole of rock-n-roll," but his songs were never included in that category. He recently was on some E news report or something like that and I'm so glad he's publically back...what a talent, plus, I think back then, I had a bit of a crush on him!! LOL

    Anyway, sounds like you had a great time and as for the weather here in the desert Southwest, it's going to be 65 today and remain in the lower 60's the rest of the week, but then, what do these meteorologists know?????!! LOL


  2. Sounds good, snuggle up, freezing here too! Make some art and smile for me. xox Corrine

    1. We mad art with Play-Doh today with the grand children....and we had a great time!!!! There is nothing better! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart