Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tea for Tuesday was ...Iced tea on a very blustery day

This will be very quick because I have had a very busy day. I had the Professional Business Women's group from Licking County!!! for a valentine making party for the shut ins in one of the homes for the elderly. I was also surprised by two dynamic speakers from up North near Berea...one spoke of a legacy for assisting the elderly women find a good retirement plan and home in their final glory days. The other discussed public speaking and learning from workshops where the facilitators are totally interested in the woman succeeding. Then the ten of us began working at a feverish speed to create individual Valentines using punches, stamps glittering gems, and sweet beautiful ribbons! I truly enjoyed offering them a chance to be child like once again and I do think they had a ball!!! I was there until 9 pm which is late for me in the studio but they did make a delightful donation to my rent fund and the Wednesday night movie night in the central gallery!! I forgot my camera in the studio... so photos will come later. I did do my exercise and honestly I am trying not to miss a night. Last night I fell asleep on the couch under an antique woolen quilt...pure comfort zone for a weary body and soul! It is frigid tonight ...and the bed is calling. Peace be with you! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


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    1. My children and grandchildren are making Valentines to add to the the number needed to fill the out reach Valentine project for the elderly. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart