Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Sun came back today!!!!

I am thrilled to say that the morning began with a wet light snowfall and gray skies. But with a little patience I waited the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee the weather had begun to change so i prepared to go into the Studio. Poor Ken is just so sock with congestion and fatigue...he should have stayed home on Friday but he has made lesson plans for Monday if he is not better so he can go to the doctor's office. I have never felt so sorry for such a sick but dedicated teacher...we are both swingers because we were asleep and in bed by eight last night.

I worked in the studio reorganizing the Ikea table top...yes I did actually see the wooden table today. I put the ribbons, valentine design elements , cards and tissue papers on the second table...piled high but the elements are all there! I am sure this small step for mankind will help Monday go a bit smoother! I also brought home some pearl embellishments and beads I had thought were here in my home sewing studio. Small baby steps...remember I did see the wooden table top!

Then I went to locate the widest 100% white cotton for my big project....and I think I have found the quality and weight that will serve this installation well. I am going to present the proposal in the next 10 days and locate the actual places for this proposal due for completion on June 1 this year. I am excited and exhilarated at the same moment... I will become the Material Girl of Licking county with this hand painted installation. I have been cutting and collecting stencils and textures to make rubbings for the layers of color I will be applying. I am hoping to meet with Jenny the educational director to line up some family participation activities so each willing participant will be able to make their mark on this collaboration. I will keep you posted as the materials begin to come in and I will install my work stations in the education building! This is so exciting!

Well I am headed back up to continue quilting on the baby Benjamin quilt... hopefully the binding will go on tomorrow! Stay safe and have a great weekend in your studios. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Whoops i forgot to take the "after photo" and Rosie is showing her "before" shot at the dog groomers.


  1. Rosy looks so cute! would love to see the after! You look very busy.. Rain or shine!

  2. Sending you some sunshine!! I have tables that have never seen the light!!!

  3. Rosie looks so very much like a dearly departed fur baby we had years ago. She was a love and her name was Rosie also.
    Goodness, you saw the table top???? Wow, that is exciting. Everytime I clean off my area so I can begin something else, my grands are surprised at how organized it can look. Personally I think being organized is really overrated, LOL. Oma Linda

  4. That is one packed table of goodies....lots to play with there. Hope Ken is feeling better soon. xox Corrine

  5. your tables look SO very inviting dear Mary Helen and your upcoming project certainly sounds exciting

    best of luck to you on that!

    hope your beloved feels much much better...never fun being under the weather

    take care and hopefully more sun will shine on you!