Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It feels just like a Monday but.....

I am feeling a bit out of tune...the days have run together with all the holidays and truthfully the days of December felt like a blur and frenzy. I spoke to a dear friend this morning and we discussed how much pressure there is on celebration of the American dream of Christmas. She is alone since her husband's early death and her parents are gone and her only son lives now as an adult in another state. We both shared our hoarding habit of loving art supplies but now where to store it and FIND it when we need it. I need to get out there to her but with this new commission I am tied up for a couple of serious months of dying and printing large ...I do mean large sections of fabric. today I got another idea to try with the use of screen printing images and possible words ...the mind never sleeps. I miss my friend...we began our journey together in a Valentine activity at the mall for the Licking County Arts and have traveled together ever since. She knows more about me than just about anyone and still finds it in her heart to accept me with my strengths and weaknesses. The love of a real girl friend is totally priceless. When we do get together this year I want to make Art with her...pure abandonment of time requirements and pure play!!!! Quick marks, bright colors, immediate results to move forward to a collaboration we can return home with and hang in our individual studios or offices.

I had to stand in line with about 25 other people... at dinner time... waiting to pick up my prescriptions...every January the same dilemma reoccurs ...the reactivation of our medical coverage and the disparity in the costs of each medication and the co-payment cost. I take Celebrex and without coverage it would costs me $360.00 for one month. That is just one of my prescriptions I need to maintain my Lupus in somewhat of remission. The poor Pharmacist technician was near a melt down and she has only been the kindest of people to me. The store manager had another special cash register brought over to ring up the final sales but it was no one fault...except the duplicity of the medical coverage ...if one is lucky enough to have some. And the possible Greed the prescriptions and insurance companies are attempting to pass on to the poor souls who are in the disease complexity.

I am still working on my last "first house" commission for my friend Marco. It is not great Art but it is for a great guy and his family so I want to give him something to show my appreciation for all he does for us. back to work. I have seen some great motivational projects to get the juices flowing on several post today...my mind is beginning to wake up and reactivate ...smile. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
    Here's a to an inspiring 2012!

  2. I cannot imagine being in line that long. I am sorry our system makes it so difficult. December was a blur wasn't it. Glad the rhythm of days is back, I needed to be on somewhat of a course. Keep creating your wonderful spirited love and bringing it into the world. xox Corrine

  3. I have a friend like that and I consider myself most fortunate to have her. But like you and your friend we too are separated by miles. When she was out here this summer we played in the studio like little kids. A time of JOY.
    The health care system is a mess. I'm sorry you had to even deal with it.
    I still have my days mixed up. I need to get back to my own rhythm.
    The new projects sound exciting. Keep us in the loop with pictures, please. I love seeing what you are working on. :)Bea

  4. Know what you mean about which day is it? Love your little Norfolk Island Pine in the snow. Be well.