Friday, January 6, 2012

Farewell to Bruce Baird...

Licking county lost a loyal and steadfast gentleman to ALS this week. Bruce Baird served his community both publicly and privately...but as the mayor of Pataskala for ten years. He needed the power of collaboration and compromise as this city is located between Newark and the big city of Columbus. Bruce could mediate the differences where the urban population could merge with the rural community yet still help this growing community continue to expand with wisdom and education for future generations. He sought a fair balance of community, industry, agriculture for all concerned in this community. He was married to his loving wife Judy for 51 years and raised three beautiful, productive daughters and one son Jay who succumbed to brain cancer in 2006. jay had served as county commissioner for our county for six years before his illness curtailed his dedication to his community. I served with Bruce on the LCCVB for the last five years and he attended our last meeting in 2011. On Tuesday night he swore in the newest member of city council Mike Compton for Pataskala...and died shortly after on Wednesday surrounded with his family in his home.

I had a glorious day in the studio with a couple of visitors from Dayton, nearby communities and young and old artists interested in my controlled chaos. I am beginning to replenish my new cards... they kind of ease me into the flow of creating and are fun to make. They are also a very small way of helping me pay my rent. I have a couple of orders for new baby boy cards plus some possible thank yous and now sympathy memorial cards. The owner of the Grill's Chophouse came in for a business meeting and his two young boys Carter and Cooper wanted to visit the Art Lady. I literally pick up scraps from my handy dandy zip lock bag and a couple of glue sticks and colored pencils and ....well they were easily amused making small collages with buttons-paper punches and special decorations. Children seem to really love investigating the layers of design elements stuff ...on my table but I have to be very watchful so that the sharp scissors and the like do not hurt little hands. I think you did a great job boys!!!! After the meeting I was able to take a brief family photo to celebrate the moment.

My struggling to find the correct words and names this week. I want to apologize to the many people who I mistakenly misidentified this week ...the connection is fluctuating this week for whatever reason ...I get frustrated and embarrassed for my feeble capabilities. Creatively I still seem to be able to free associate but writing is essential and even making this post is crucial for my ongoing recovery. I need to be patient with myself...I want to make a small donation to an auction next Friday in the central gallery outside my studio. They are working to create funds for continued mental health issues that are near and dear to my heart. I have a donation to make for a days of creation day at St. Francis elementary school and finally the Mardi Gras auction for Welsh Hills. I may not be able to teach anymore ...but I can find a way to give back to young students through the Arts. Have a wonderful weekend and go and create something WILD! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart


  1. How do you like my bucket collection? Pat has supplied me with a dozen 5 gallon buckets for dying my fabrics ...and Erin donated her tins that I am using for organized pencil or brush storage in the studio. I had the wire baskets. I am recycling containers that will be greatly appreciated when the processes begin...Yahoo! "I want to see the moon"...

    Peace and good night , Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I was driving by my local dairy farm when I noticed that the farmer had these large white plastic buckets stacked up beside the barn door.
    Apparently, he gets something that he adds to the feed or does something with the cows with what comes in them. I asked him if they were trash and he said help myself. I came away with six of them, perfect for fabric dyeing. DON'T YOU LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS? lol It makes me giggle. I can't wait to use them when the weather gets warmer.
    Love the pictures, look at all those smiling people and children. :)Bea

  3. Sorry about the loss of the loss of your friend...xox Corrine