Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gifts for our troops made by loving little hands....

Thank God for little hands and hearts. I have had a rough day...the mayor did his best and the park crews followed every little lead to recover the beloved snowmen I created for the courthouse lighting ceremony...but to no avail. It seems a man named Dan C. did not consider them worth saving ...and had them thrown away. I do not know why...I do not know when...I just know this was totally wrong. They were not his to discard or destroy. I understand it was a vindictive act to hurt someone else who loved Newark more than anyone I know and there is no way to go back. The mayor offered to make and cut new snowmen but I am really already working to fill my commissions to pay the rent and will not be able to donate another couple of weeks ...hours of work... and dedication to create a legacy for the children of Licking county. My heart is so heavy right now... but with time I am searching for a way to resolve my pain. I have had several people offer to buy a snowman for their personal homes and decorating.

Tonight I began my Support Our Troops Now organization by creating snow scene collograph prints for our troops serving in Afghanistan this Holiday season. I will mount each print on matte board and select special sparkle and twinkle snowflakes and glitter glue accents for each generous child to embellish and I will help them make a special Christmas card with their photos inside an ornament circle child showing his appreciation for the personal sacrifices each serviceman and woman are making for their country. I was almost moved to tears when I looked into the children's eyes ...they were so eager to be able to give a stranger a gentle smile and a snow scene in the middle of a desert in a faraway and strange land. Tomorrow I will work on the antique Old Man Santa...St. I will be able to capture their smiling faces to share with our soldiers.

Pray for me to learn how to forgive... the trespasses against me. No the little snowmen were not great ART...but the children thought they hung the moon. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen


  1. I love what you did with the kids. The troops will so appreciate it. Why someone would do somethong so unecessary and mean spirited is beyond me. Maybe the way to forgive is to realize thst person is unevolved in spirit and just walk away knowing that you gave a gift to others and they will keep it in their hearts. Whether they can see it or not. xoxmCorrine

  2. I love the looks on the children's faces....We could really learn from their small hearts!!!

    It saddened me to read the first post about the snowmen and I did not post there hoping to read some good news,...I am sorry and hurt in my own heart to hear such events....

    Forgiveness is hard when we have been wronged or hurt....Few years back when I was taking my final Reiki classes the Grand Teacher said to us....." you will encounter people that you do not want to touch...Touch them more....You will encounter people that will whine and babble........listen more.........and you will encounter people that hurt you deep within your soul.......forgive them....and kill them with kindness....Tis like pouring hot sulfur on their heads" *laughs* Well I know it is hard..but I have found that if I fall back on this statement it is indeed true!!

    I wish you a healing process....and blessings will come your way~

    Peace to you as well dear friend.